So I just recently got a my first job (Yaaaaay!) I wear a locks of love wig. It's like a suction cup with hair on the outside. I wear it so that I don't get stopped a million times and questioned, but mostly because I'm not ready to

This year my wig hasn't stayed on well at ALL. I've resorted to wearing a hat with the wig at ALL times so that the wig doesn't slide off.

With my new job, I'm not allowed to wear my hat with the wig so I have to be really careful. (I work in a deli) and I am wondering...

What do you guys on Alopecia World do about working. Personal feelings put aside. Being a bald woman is a bit of a turn off for most people. I don't want mean to sound rude but it is. I don't think it will be easy to get a job as a bald woman in a business that has new customers with you face-to-face. I don't know...

Do you guys go bald at work? Or do you embrace the bald? Do you wear a hat? Do you have a hard time getting jobs if you embrace the bald?


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Congrats on the new job ... I find the busier I am ..the happier I am.

Not sure if its because I am associated with alopecia and the 'stylish' habit of wearing a cap when the time seems fit but, I really think a baseball cap on a girl (woman) looks cool and very acceptable in the workplace. Im talkin without a wig too.

The times when my head is shaved , I toss a cap on and have at it.

Good For You :)

- Jus sayin .

Thanks a bunch. I haven't exactly told my boss yet, and I'm dreading it a little to be honest because she doesn't seem very nice sometimes and I'm not sure how she will take it.
Why not wear a thin scarf, non-see-through, under the cap and let the ties be in a bow at the back or hanging down a bit like hair?
That's an idea
Why isn't your vacuum wig staying on? I thought those were really secure. Maybe try wearing a headband or a pretty scarf until you can get a better wig.
When we made the plaster mold of my head (my mom and sister made it) they drew it way short. I said something but they wouldn't listen to me...I guess they will next time. :)
Next time have a professional do it!
Haha for sure. But there aren't any professionals around to do it as far as I know... :D
Congrats on the job! I'd think being bald in a deli could be an advantage--no hair in the food, and a cool look for the shop.

A long time ago, when I worked in an Emergency Dept, I wore a wig when I saw patients. I didn't want my scalp to distract from their conditions. In the office, depending on temperature, I went bare or wore a scarf or a hat. Now, I mostly facilitate and lead trainings and I wear a scarf. I like that wearing a scarf minimizes the distraction of a bald woman and isn't pretending I have hair. No one has complained or bothered me (except the rare question about my health) about being bald. I don't think I've lost gigs due to my baldness. The economy, yes, baldness, no.

I think clients and participants follow my lead--I focus on what we're doing, and soon they do too. If not, what we're doing isn't interesting enough and I need to pick up my game. Outside work situations, same thing: e.g. when I think I'm hot, so do a lot of other folks, regardless of whether I'm bare-headed, wearing a scarf, or wearing a hat--though a surprising number of guys find "picture hats" or ball caps very sexy.

The fact is that many employers have too high criteria for selecting applicants. I know from experience that looks are a serious issue. It was like that before. But now you have the opportunity to get remote office work. Tue, you can read serious articles on I myself read recently about the tricks of a remote online interview and resume writing. Nobody will pay attention to your appearance in this case.

I wear a wig to work, otherwise I probably wouldn't have a job.

My congratulations! I've remembered how I could to reach my desired job vacation. Now, I have a very large portfolio with good recommendations on my CV with help from I'm a middle UX/UI designer for 2 years as a freelancer and there are many job offers from europian firms. There is nothing judgmental in the first job. After all, if you want to continue with a dream job- one of important thing is your resume.



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