So my hairloss started out in april with a bald spot that just appeared one day, it was about 3cms across each side, but then over the months my hairline started to recede and now my hair is constantly falling out a lot but its not really noticable.. the bald spot is now about 8cms big and my i have like peach fuzz but it doesnt seem to be growing anymore as its been here for about 3 months. its also growing back white. i was just wondering if i am completely balding or if its alopecia and i have a hope of my hair coming back. its been 9 months. also it only seems the top of my scalp is losing hair and not the sides. thanks for comments if you choose to do so!

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Have you seen a dermatologist?   There are treatments that can make your hair grow back since you only have partial baldness.   I had my dermatologist give me shots in my scalp that used to make my hair grow back and I have also heard of some patients getting cortisone shots that made theirs grow back permanently.  There are also remedies in the health food store that can prevent you from losing more hair.    Please check into these things as soon as you can.  



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