Yesterday I went to the barber, he cut my hair to a caesar. So, my husband, my grandson and me will get our hair done at the same place from now on. My hair was growing, but then I would see a small spot here or there or wonder if a spot was old or new. I was sick and tried! Now I'm going spend some time living and less time in the mirror. It's been almost three years of looking in the mirror, sitting on the bathroom sink backward, with a mirror in one hand, while my eyes were hurting from being crossed from trying to see the back of my head. DAMN! I'm glad I did it. I put some make up on, a dress , my coach sunglasses and took the bull by it's horns. Free at last, free at last, I thank God I am free at last. I'm not going have to look for no more scarves to match.
I should have done this a long time ago. No spots, just looking like a beautiful soul sista with a big smile.

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Good for you!! It looks good on you.
Thank you Reginia. It's good hear from you. Hope things are well. I think this summer have just been really busy for us all. Well Fall is coming, I'm hoping the group will get together.
Congratulations! You are beautiful!
Thank you BK! I feel great!
Congratulations!!!!! I totally agree ,I felt that same way when I stop hiding, and went bald and beautiful. Free at last, free at last, thanks mighty God we are Free at last. Enjoy your Rocking It and Beautiful! !!!!
Thank you Jancie. Now I can put those scarves around my neck, like I wanted to. LOL
Wow Angie you look so beautiful your smile says it all I applaud your courage!
Thank you Dana. It did take some time. I was a hat and scarf girl for a long time.
Congratulations on your shave, I did mine myself about a year ago now, BEST thing I ever did!!
Thanks Tamara, good to see you. How have your been? It's been two days and girl, I feel so light weight.
Fly free beautiful one x
Thank you, what will I do without all of you? Thank you Mabaker. :-)



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