I would like to hear from all Freedom Hair wearers.  I just received mine yesterday.

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Hi Pamela!

I don't wear Freedom, but what is your experience?

Like, how did the package show up?

What was the cap like and the quality of hair?

How much did you pay for your wig unit? Was it worth the investment?

Do you feel you paid too much for what you got?

Could you have gotten the wig cheaper from another brand or are they selling the Freedom brand instead of the quality of cap/hair?

I'm curious to know what your experience was.



Gosh sorry for the slow response.  I'm pretty new on here so don't know all the "stuff".

The package showed up by Priority mail from the consultant.

The cap and hair are outstanding. Very good quaility

I paid a little over $4,000

If I had it to do over again I would not have gotten a freedom.  There is way to much hair and not to many stylists work on them.  I got a bad style.

My experience, over all, wasn't that good.  The consultant was slow and did things on her time, all the while the customer is waiting.  I finally had to threaten in order to get her to move. It took me just over 6 months to get the wig.  I've communicated with others and have done a lot of shopping around since. I don't have uncommon hair and I've been told that the sample should come in two weeks, mine was 4 months with the threat.  Which by the way showed up the same week.  Hummm.  She doesn't communicate with you inbetween and now that I finally have my piece she's totally off the radar.  She got my money and that's all she cares about now. I'm sure all consultants are not like her.



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