Does anyone know how much does it cost to buy 16" Freedom wig

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human hair wigs $150-$320

Any human hair wig at this price is junk.

Freedom wigs cost thousands of dollars. Contact your local rep; prices vary.
I think around $3,000 to $5,000 for long hair.

I paid $4795 for my daughter's 12 inch extra light density piece in black. I don't know why it was $100 more :(

Hi Sarah

Sorry for the lack of response, we were camping and enjoying the last heat wave of summer.  

I have messaged you pricing for the length you are after and some other general information.

The pricing for our Freedom Wigs are consistent throughout the country in which you are ordering your Freedom wig.  The differences in pricing between countries is due to different import taxes/duties and shipping costs that each Federal government imposes on the business owner.  

To get in touch with the representative that is closest to you for pricing information, contact under the "Contact Us" page.

Hope that helps

Cheers and Happy end of summer.


I was quoted $3,200 for a 9 inch Freedom wig.

Hi Santina i myself use to wear Forutne and Louis Ferre which cost me a lot of money, but i never try the freedom wig because i was not willing to pay that amount of money for a wig, but anyway i find this online store by the name of and i have been buying custom made wig from them like for 3 years now, also i notice that a some another members on here bought wig from them as well by the name of  Brandy Snap and she said that the wig quality is good as well.  so i'm glad that other people is getting same quality wig i'm getting as well. I can't believe people are still paying over 3,000 dollars for wigs these days. 



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