I have a Freedom Wig that I purchased 14 months ago.  It cost me $4,000.00 and is a 10 inch.  I don't like it and do not wear it often. It's not styled right and I'm of an age where I do not look good in it. I should not have gotten a long hair wig.  It's also very hot.  I live in FL.

My would like to cut it short, but hate to.  That would be like throwing dollars on the floor.  I also would like some gray strands put in, but don't want it streaked.

If you were me, would you do it? or keep wearing the synthetic wigs.  I have one now that really looks good on me and has a little gray in it.

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Hi Pamela,

I will preface my response with the fact that I have no personal experience with Freedom Wigs. Hopefully someone who does can offer you more specific guidance.  I do know that Freedom Wigs are gorgeous and they have great customer service.

I'm wondering if you have connected with the Freedom Wig Rep that you purchased your wig from?  They likely would be able to help you address all the issues you are having. 

While I totally understand cutting the hair is like throwing dollars on the floor, not wearing the wig is like throwing the entire $4k on the floor.  If you don't wear it, then it is a total loss rather than a partial one.

I know that vacuum style wigs have been reported to be hotter due to the construction and base materials.  I don't know if this is true of Freedom Wigs so that is something they could help you with. They may have tricks/tips on how to mitigate the wig being so hot.

They might also be able to send your wig back to the wig maker to have some gray strands injected into the base rather than having to color the hair gray.  Again since I am not familiar with the specific details of their wigs contacting them about this process would be a good idea.

I think you can wear both your Freedom and synthetic wigs.  Once you get your Freedom customized with a cut/color/style that works for you then wear it proudly!  

I hope that helps.  :-)


Yes - do ask Freedom if they can streak it gray for you - I would think they should be able to.  

Do up-dos not help the heat factor?  That might be a way to keep the length but not have it in your face or on your shoulders, and up-dos are always so elegant.  On the other hand, I've had days where I wanted nothing more than to get home and rip everything off my head because it was so hot, so I appreciate how miserable it can be.

Have you considered wearing the Freedom as "winter hair" and having something lighter for summer?  I have a nice mane of extensions that I loved so much that I suffered first summer I had them, but took them out last year because the heat won out over my vanity. 

I just want to empathize with that awful feeling of having paid so much for hair that you almost feel like you can't do anything (and it's not going to grow back if you cut it, is it?).  It is such a bummer that good hair is such a huge investment, and a lot of people who have hair on their heads can't appreciate how awful it feels to be stuck with something that's not quite right. 

Unless you have a lot of friends who wear hair, it can get kind of lonely sometimes with these issues.  One of my friends acts like my hair is just a dress-up game, but she doesn't have to look at her bald self in the mirror or worry about her hair coming off in front of others or in an intimate moment or the whole conundrum of who do you tell and who don't you tell and so on.  Didn't mean to hijack your thread with my whining, but wanted to let you know I understand how it feels to look at a hair piece and imagine slicing hundred dollar bills off of it every time the scissors get near...   :-) 

I bet you'll find a great solution - just be persistent and don't hesitate to go back to Freedom and ask for solutions.  That's what they're there for!

Thank you for your kind understanding.  I am trying to work with my consultant. One thing is, she lives a state away and doesn't have other people near where I live.  She did send me a picture of a customer who had their hair done in Tampa.  The style looked awful.  I didn't tell her that. Just said that wouldn't be a style for me. Soooo don't know if I want to go there or not.  The person I used when I received my wig is in Ft. Laderdale   He charged me $350.00 and didn't do a thing.  Looked the same as when I went in the door.  Even my husband commented on it when I got back in the car. Also I don't want it streaked with gray, I want it blended. If that is even possible. I know one thing, I don't want the hair ruined and prone to breakage. 


I'm a little behind you in the Freedom Wig process, so I appreciate the information about the Ft. Lauderdale location. I'm in Tampa and plan on having the salon that does my current hairpiece do the cut on my wig. I was actually thinking about changing my mind and going to the Ft. Lauderdale salon. Now, I don't think so. Of course your post has me a little concerned that my salon may be the one that did the cut on the wig in the picture. If your rep shared the name of the salon that did the cut, would you please friend request me and send me the name of the salon privately. If it is not the salon I go to, I suggest you contact them. I believe they offer free consultations, and they have years of experience working with wigs, hairpieces and extensions. They may be able to help.

I will, by all means let you know what if find out. Thx.  Have you used the salon in Tampa. The one that you use currently?

I've been wearing a topper for about three years. I've been happy with the cuts they've done on them, so I felt comfortable with them doing the cut on my Freedom Wig. I'm heading into the transition phase where I will be wearing a regular wig. They are going to do the cut on it as well. They focus on trying to minimize the "wiggy" appearance. I'll keep you updated as I progress through my phases.

$350!!!  and from Fort Lauderdale HMMMM. I've been in the Non-Surgical Hair Replacement business for over 30 years, and I'm so tired of these hair replacement companies taking advantage of people with hair loss, believe me,  I have SEEN IT ALL.

 Pamela, please Contact me I can help you with all your frustrations. I work with my heart, not the dollar sign. Yes, I am in Florida.

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