I looove wearing wigs, and I spend a small fortune on them. I usually order from US wig websites (im from EU), and I'm satisfied with their service. The only problem is, that when I buy from US, i have to pay high delivery costs and customs, and both usually cost more than 100 $. So, I'm asking for advice- do you know any good website in Europe, that has normal prices- I find the same wigs are sooo much cheaper in US than in EU?

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I have worn wigs for about 40 years.

You should go to follea.com and see for yourself the quality, beautiful pieces they carry.

I do wear one.

I have a follea gripper, but I also like syntetic, cheaper wigs- I need a website for those :)


I have a couple of places I would recommend for cheaper ones. I will give you those in a few.

I do have alopecia and I deal with this every day of my life just like you. I am a rep., but I also have lived with this most of my life. So, I think my experience and knowledge of what is out there is a help to someone who is truly looking for something that fits their needs and budget. Even if it is not Follea!

Has anyone worn the wig by Amy Gibson of Created Hair? I have a blonde topper I have been wearing for almost 2 years and it is still beautiful, very fine silky hair. I know it was processed when I bought it but who ever did the processing didn't damage the hair. I am able to wash, condition and let dry! 

Oh. Haha, thank you. I will reply you :)

I am a rep., but I also have had alopecia most of my life.

I deal with it on a daily basis.

I have worn all kinds and brands.

Why can't I have an opinion?

I have recommended lots of other wigs. Like I said, I have worn them for 40 years.
I do know what's out there.

I have alopecia, number 1. I am on here to find out the newest and best for eyelashes, eyebrows and any thing to do with alopecia. I take other people's advise and suggestions.

I wore horrible synthetic wigs for years. I was teased to the point of suicide when I was growing up. I wore the wigs that boys and mean girls could come up to me and pull my hair off and run down the hallway with it. Tossing it in the air like a football. All the while, I am standing there crying.

I withdrew and didn't want to participate in life.

So, when someone ask me for a good human hair wig that will stay on and stay put, I suggest what I know. I don't want any one to go through what I did. Follea has beautiful human hair wigs. They do stay on. I can say the hair is beautiful and yes, they are expensive, but worth it to me.

I worn a vacuum wig for over 23 years and have suggested them to lots of people.

I wanted people to know me and my experience; not just as a Follea rep.

I buy my own igs from china and I absolutely love them. I actually got the website from another member on here. The website is http://m.qdpremierwigs.com/



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