Hi Everyone! Just bought my third Follea Gripper lite, my first 2 were short bobs, this time wanted something different so went with the 8inch. When I picked it up it had been washed and styled, we did a minor cut in added bangs but over all none taken from the length. I washed it yesterday and oh my goodness it’s quite wavy/ curly when wet. I’ve always air dried my others and then shaped with round brush and blow dryer, well don’t know if that’s the problem but it was very difficult to get the curl out and feel like I’m going to really damage it over time I would love to get it back to the way it looked when I picked up....any thoughts?

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I would contact Follea and ask them about it.  Since its human hair, it is what it is.  Don't think you can permanently straighten the hair.

I’m not sure why there is so much curl in the new pieces, the other 2 are straight with body. I’m really fighting the curl it looks good but just not me.

Sounds to me that you did not get what you asked for. See if you can return it for one that has no curl in the hair. You should not have to straighten it as the heat from straightening the hair will definitely affect the hair quality over time. I say return it and get what you really wanted!

Thanks Rose....actually I’ve learned to work with it, the problem was I allowed it to completely dry and now I smooth it with a round brush while it’s damp. I’m liking the amount of wave that’s there now. I just needed to get use to it. Loving it now



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