Just wondered if and how you handle the hair coming in and then falling out again.......

A summary,  I became and Alopecian in 2009 , lost all my hair, wore wigs till Dec 2017 Christmas eve.

in fall of 2017 it started coming bk, a short style but bk, so I held off till Christmas eve in case it was gonna be a short stay again. I took the chance and put the wigs away, this was extremely hard on the self esteem to go wig less and as  is the past it would come bk then all fall out again.... so I kept it shaved and it showed my patches and bald patches but I wore wigs out in public just not at home.....

Anyhow, it has been a great 2 mths of head freedom, and as expected (my doctor warmed me it would not stay)   it started falling out again. So I am doing the comb over thing again, takes me 25 mins to get ready in am before work to try n hide the bald patches.  BUT I cannot hide the top of my head bald patches anymore. Still not caving in.  I only go to work and groceries and home anyway. Otherwise I kinda hide again and just stay away from the public. 

It sure as heck beats up your self esteem.  I don't care what anyone says  some say "it is only hair" that is the worst thing someone can say to you, especially because they don't walk our shoes.....

I am a tough and outgoing person, do so much for others and try hard. BUT man this sure beats me up in my self esteem department. Don't feel pretty, don't feel complete sometimes......

I know in the grand scheme of things, it is only hair and we are not dying. But it sucks just the same.

People that don't have Alopecia do not understand the emotional that goes with it. It is always, always on my mind.  I feel insecure but yet I am a secure person, if that makes any sense at all.

So I guess my question to you would be, HOW do you deal with losing it again?

do you just keep it shaved and not take the chance of this roller coaster ride over and over again?

or do you brave it and just shave it and go without sometimes?

How do you deal with it? 

Any thoughts / experiences you have had  are appreciated.

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It is very upsetting when I hear that remark. My sister said it once and I said to her, "tomorrow morning, when you look in the mirror, imagine yourself completely bald with no eyebrows or eyelashes" then tell me how your felt. I haven't asked her if she did that exercise.

Carlie, Here's a thought.  You know how people are always shaving their heads to show their support for some cancer victim losing their hair to chemo?  The next time someone makes a silly remark like, "It's only hair", tell them you really need some moral support.  Ask them if they would be willing to shave their head to show their support for your disease.  The only catch is they must be willing to keep shaving off all their hair (eyelashes, brows, nose hairs, eye hairs and all body hair) long term since our hair loss is often long term.  Dollars to donuts, they won't do it!! (LOL!)

I hope you maintain a good mood and hope, I will recommend you a few good ways to treat hair loss:

1. Hair-transplant treatment Hair-transplantation is a method of treating hair loss that has matured and developed in recent years. Its nature and beauty are the same. The main principle is to use the principle that human hair can be transplanted like an organ and transplant healthy hair follicles into scarce hair. Or hairless areas, such as hair follicles can be re-growth after the hair, through the principle of improving the distribution of hair to solve the problem caused by hair loss due to hair loss in the external part! This treatment is only applicable to the later stages of severe hair loss. Since the hair is extensively exfoliated and the hair follicle can no longer be grown out of the hair through drug stimulation, the condition of hair loss must be improved by selecting the hair extension. The effect of this method of treatment delay is very obvious, and the effect is very rapid. Nowadays, more and more people choose to apply hair-transplanting methods to treat hair loss.
2, Wigs hair sets This is very easy to understand, less hair to buy a wig hair band, the effect is realistic and basically no complicated operation. Of course, there is also a kind of hairpiece that can be used to improve hair loss by only adding a piece of wig. This kind of weaving technology is a relatively small application, but it does exist.
3. Spray Addition Finally, there is also a method called hair spray that is also used as a hair loss treatment. The fibrous material sprayed by the spray accumulates on the hair and looks like the real hair. The effect on the appearance improvement is obvious, but the disadvantage is that it is not long enough to improve the appearance in a short time. For a long time, it is not a fundamental treatment.

Problem with implanting new follicles is that our immune system is attaching the follicles and will continue to attach the new ones, so that's a waste of money. 


Thank you for the above ideas.

I am a wig girl....... Transplants uh uh not for me.......

I found the very worst part/time was when it was falling out - the constant checking and scanning and panicking. once it had all gone and I had an excellent hair system in place I had my brows tattoos and got skilled at fake lashes - I'm fine. I really forget most of the time (I have a system that I sleep, shower etc in - so I NEVER see myself bald except at the salon)

I would hate to go through the losing it stage again and personally I'd just keep wearing the system I've got and keep it very short underneath for quite a while - until I had real faith that it was there to stay.

yup the loosing it all over again was traumatic.     But I am good now about it again........ back to wigs for out of the house outings. (when in public/work) ,   at home I will go bald sometimes (especially if have a headache )and I sleep with no wigs......  

The trauma of losing your hair over and over again ihas to be awful. My heart really goes out to the younger gals that have years to go without hair. I will be 65 next month and have FFA that has been going on for 6 or 7 years. No eyebrows left and my hairline is back to my ears. I was able to hide it very well with bangs until a few months ago when I realized how skimpy the bangs were. On top of that I decided to let my hair that is left go silver. Not a pretty picture.

Fashion and hair has always been a big deal to me so I figured I am not going to waste time on treatments and doctor visits.

In April I purchased my first wig and after buying and returning many I have found five that I love. It feels wonderful to go out of the house with confidence again.

If you are a younger person please don’t take offense and think I’m telling you to just give up and wear wigs because I’m not. If I were younger I probably would be doing the same but at my age I just need to get on with life.

One last thought. People who say it’s only hair to someone who has little to none is like a well fed person telling a hungry person it’s only food. If someone says that to you feel free to tell them if they really mean that to go home and shave their head and then see how it feels. 

Be strong and know that you aren’t alone in your journey.

I'm shocked that people pop in here with their magical diet solutions. And hair transplants, on alopecia? Don't they realize that our bodies would reject it? It's like a punch in the gut when you've already tried everything, or when you have scarring like me and there's nothing I can do, nothing doctors can do... frankly it's rude.

Anyway, Denise, I know how you feel. Alopecia is always taking a little more, and a little more, and the same people that tell me they'd be fine with having alopecia, they have a meltdown if their makeup isn't quite right, and they have no clue about the difficulty and uncomfortabilty of wigs, or what it's like to go out of the house openly bald. I actually do go out bald and I'm fine with it when I have my family or friends to support me (even though they really don't know what it's like to be me) How do I deal with it? Most of the time I have no negative experiences. But sometimes I am stared at or completely ignored. Those times are hard but I remind myself it's not what it's like all the time. I also remind myself this is not the roughest thing I've gone through, and that goes double for you.

To have your hair grow back and then have that hope taken away, it makes the heart sick. I understand it's a fresh grieving process just like the first time. I'm so sorry you're going through this again, wishing you the best.



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