Hi all,

Going by the makers recommendation Novasone should only be used for a short period (4 weeks) my GP has me now on the third month with another script to follow! Not sure if this is good & having not much success to date though I do have a few white tiny hairs showing on the bald patches where the rest of my hair is dark! Not sure if that is a good sign.....

Just interested if anyone out there has used this product and if you had any success and for how long was it used?

Actually considering going to a dermatologist as only new with AA - i think i need to do this.

I am so glad I have found this web site - you are so amazing.

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I have AA and eczema. I've used one or another type of cortisone cream on and off for my whole life, I'm 44. They say it can thin the skin, which is possible, but I don't see any difference in mine. I don't use cortisone on my head and I have the dark patches and then whitish peach fuzz on the bald parts. I think it's just the cycle of AA.
Tks Vicki for your reply....very much appreciated. I was not given any information from my GP and not informed of what to expect from AA. Thank goodness for people like yourself on this website and google x

I have been having cortisone injections in my scalp.  I've had 3 treatments with great success.  At the same time I am using a cortisone spray that I spray on my scalp in the morning and at night, and then just rub it in (and wash my hands thoroughly afterwards).  Its called CLOBEX .  I have hair growing back in all my bald spots minus two or three small ones just the size of a quarter or a little larger.

So, I started the scalp injection treatments in November 2013.  And the spray at the same time.  And I'm still doing it. :P

That is great to hear Kathleen?....I guess you have well and trulY confirmed what I should do! Great results for you and in a short time. Do you see a dermatologist at all? Are the injections painful? Sorry to ask so many questions

Hi Mary,

I would strongly recommend you see a dermatologist.  AA is their specialty.


Tks Michelle will do.
I've been to a few dermatologists and it seems as far as AA and AU go, it's just trial and error. I didn't have any signs of AA until about 38, my daughter on the other hand has had AU since she was 3, she's now 24, no hair, it's never come back. I've tried the cortisone shots when I had less hairloss a few years ago, and it worked quite well, but four years later, it's back. I truly believe the condition is cyclical and there's no rhyme or reason. I'm rocking my bald head by choice, easier for me and my athletic lifestyle and my daughter wears hairpieces. How long have you had AA Mary, is this your first go round with it? Alopecia World is a great place to share stories, get new ideas and have the support of people that truly understand the day to day. Take care.

Vicky I was pleased to read you saying you are rocking the bald by choice.... I am finding that such a more comfortable way to go and so much support doing so.  In fact, one of the women at the Research Park where I work was inspired to shave her head bald when she saw me bald, not in support of me, but more because she had always wanted to try it, and felt compelled to do it with me walking about bald.  She still is keeping the bald, shaved head up, even as mine grows in.  I say "All the power to you..."  If you like it, and your community world is accepting, we don't need to know any reason for why you are bald.. just go for it.  She has a beautiful smile and nice eyes, and I love seeing her around the Research Park, bald by choice. :)

Hi Vicki, I am 57 years old and just diagnosed a couple of months ago by my doctor...I am not sure if I will lose the lot but I do know it is still spreading and seems to be at the back of my head at this stage. At a bit of a lost what I am meant to do from now on and whether I am doing all the right things so I have no regrets later. There is so many different treatments and really very confusing. I do not have anyone else in my family with this - so all new to me. This site is the best that I have come across. Tks for your comments x

I concur with Michelle and Vicki, about seeing a dermatologist.  It does seem to be a hit and miss as to what works for one, and perhaps not so much for another.  Injections are no more than a pin prick at the time, but you may have to have quite a few.  My first visit was about two dozen injections just due to the size of the bald spots, and the number of them - but it went quickly and the prick from the needles were forgotten as soon as I left the office.

I am 53.  was first diagnosed with AA at 52 yrs of age, last summer.

I find it interesting that there are a number of us (diagnosed early 50's and female).  When I enquired if menopause could be a 'trigger'  I was told absolutely not....then all women would have AA....like I said, interesting....

Thank you....I shall keep in touch



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