I still have hair but its very thin. It is especially thin on top due to an illness. I will probably be losing all my hair eventually. My hair is almost see-through and I have been thinking more and more about trying hair extensions. I live in a LA and found a place which specializes on putting hair extensions on women with hair loss but it is expensive. I wanted to know if anyone ever tried hair extensions who has very fine thin hair? I have tried clip on semi wigs/wiglets in the past. I am a very active person and those clip-ons aren't practical for someone like me.

I would eventually start wearing a wig but for now I need to get use to having more hair. lol

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Go with the wig.

Trust me on this one.  I did the glue in extensions,  great lengths, monkey bars, the sew in types, micro links.. i thought i had thick hair, but it is defined as fine.

so think about it.. you have fine threads (your hair), someone puts weight on that threads via glue or sewing on a track to those threads.  That's the first weight.. then you add on some hair according to your style preference.. that's more weight. Let that weight sit on the threads for six weeks, plus pull on those threads repeatedly while brushing/combing.  Then add more weight with water every time you wash/condition your hair. That's a lot of tension on a daily basis for your fine threads.

Wearing wigs can protect what you do have while you're taking care of your own hair - with the same style you're looking for with extensions. Without the wind blowing and folks seeing your braids/glue/links/tracks. Or a certain light hitting your head and folks "seeing your hair" and observing your glue/braids/links/tracks. I've been through this type of humiliation several times in my life, i should know.

I wore extensions to 15+ years.  with revolving stylists all over the country and other countries.  Each one of them were so hell-bent on making their car payment they didn't tell me that my hair line was receding or torn out with repeated glue removal or from "anchoring the tracks" in different areas over the years.

One of my stylists in Las Vegas told me i was going to be a "weave head" for the rest of my life.. she explained that it is a person with barely enough hair to put extensions on and nothing else.

From my own experience?  i learned that i cannot have the "best of both worlds".. 20 years later, and now a wonderful recipient of traction alopecia, (plus traction areata).  i've come to terms that i cannot wear weaves/extensions.

it took 10 years to at least have a head full of short hair with a few bald spots that are just now starting to come in without falling out repeatedly.  My natural hair journey started in 2005. I stopped going to salons, and took my hair growth into my own hands. in 2015, i will have a 10 year anniversary, with a full head of short hair and NO bald spots..

To this day? i still can't understand how people can lure folks into shops/clinics.  Making them sacrifice what's left on their head for $1500+ every six weeks for something that will never be theirs. (hair extensions)  when you can protect what you DO have while wearing a nice wig for thousands of dollars less.

I'm very active.  Bodybuilder, hiker, boxing, martial arts, etc., i keep my hair protected in a small braid tucked under a MESH wig cap, then my wig.  I wear light wigs, with bobby pins to keep them secure.  and that's it..


Thank you for your story. I have very thin hair on the top, side and front. I have worn full lace and lace front wigs in the past; actually when I had hair, and would like to purchase one that I can wear daily but usually they are too thick. You say you were light wigs; can you tell me what kind that is? Thanks

Try wigs by patties pearl website.  She is cute as well and extremely knowledgeable.

I've spent the last 7 months wearing my hair up with a false hair tie in, it's funny how people don't realise, I've had a scarf over the front then scraped the remaining of my hair on top and put in a false hair tie in, the place wear I buy it matches my hair and colour well. Most people don't know I have hair loss, it's funny as some people say your hair looks great, little do they know it's not my hair!!!

Thanks Me? Is that really a name?  I was so desperate yesterday I went out to try on wigs and they all felt like to much hair for someone who has had baby fine hair all their life.  Now that my hair is falling out its just ridiculous how fine my hair really is...back to the desperateness I ended up buying a hair piece and it doesn't blend in at all with my hair it looks completely fake and I paid $100.

I really need help, I clearly don't know what I'm doing and I'm feeling so desperate. I also visited a place which offers hair integration systems. This place uses your own hair and integrates human hair by attaching it to your hair and not really sure how but you can swim in it, which is the appeal for me. It is really expensive, probably the most expensive option I've heard of.

Thanks for the reply @ femmemuscle.

I didn't know someone had replied to my post until today :/ Thanks for your input, I thought about the weight it will put on my natural hair and I already know that my hair is weak, this is why I was trying to find out from others what their experience was. I have been having really bad hair days lately. I really need a wig actually because my hair is so fine and weak I can't continue to stay indoors and feel so lonely. I went to try on some wigs and they feel to bulky and to big for my head. When I put them on they just look so fake. I really don't want to think about how I'm going to style or wear my hair every day. I just want to roll out of bed walk out the door and just live a normal life. I just need to find something that works for me.

I'm feeling very alone in this...

i have the same problems with you,i think it makes me look bad in thin hair,so i always try hair entensions,i bought online,it is very convenient with free shipping,the product i bought is 14" 7 Piece Silky Straight Clip In Human Hair Extension - Medium Brown,100% human hair,very thick,you can have a try of abhair brand

Thin hair using hair extensions looks nice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmXZO2vEYIM

Hi, I'm new here. I don't have more ideas about this. But I think that for fine hair 

Seamless extensions are required.

we have some exclusive collection. click here for more info  Extensions for fine hair

Hi xoxocat I don’t know you very well but I know I can help you. My name is Toni and I suffered from balding and hair thining like yourself for many years and have retired my wigs and hair extensions due to a new product I developed right in my own kitchen. I know my story sounds hard to believe but I can help people like yourself and more with my producf, no chemicals or medicines, no fragrance, all natural and our clients are seeing results in as little as 9 days!!! It helped me and it can help you too. And to add it’s super cost effective, starting  at only $20.00 a bottle !!! (Way cheaper than a wig or doctors appointment). Feel free to contact me on Instagram : tonimosshair or you can go to my website : tonimosshair.net ladies we can grow pass this and not walk around with a wig on or waste tons of money seeing doctors and trying crazy medicines that don’t fix the problem. 



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