Have always had thin fine hair...never used coverage...contemplating...

Hello, I am in my late 40's.  All my life, I have dealt with having extremely thin, fine hair.  For years, I would strategically hair spray, perm or roller set to minimize the bare areas, but no longer do for different reasons.  Since this is not a sudden condition for me, I can't say that I'm traumatized but for some reason, over only the past years, I have noticed that I am getting upset by others reactions when they notice in public and workplace.  This has never been the case before.  Where I have never even entertained of covering with even a baseball cap, I am now getting ready to order at least two headscarves to try while in public on my days off.  

As if I haven't already given myself enough new stress with this, just the past couple of days, I find that I am now getting upset over a possible scenario that if I decide that I want to wear the headscarves to work, that my employer may not permit it, thus creating a whole new set of problems.  I've held the same job for 25 plus years, so my lack of hair is not new in my career.

Would love to hear from all with any advice.  Always accepting friend requests too!  Thanks!

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Hi Mary:

I've had thin (very thin) hair since I was about 14 years old. I believe it was due to a horrible incident. Maybe not. Anyway, after 14 years old, I never got a compliment about my hair ever again. The last 2 years, the alopecia has been progressing and I live in the southwest where it is soooo hot. I've tried wigs and I could see doing that for a couple of hours but it is just too hot for all day.

I have ordered from 'TLC'(tender loving care) and they have beautiful hats and scarves.  I orrdered one of the sleep caps and it is sooooo soft.

Take a look at their scarves and kerchiefs. I am planning on getting some more from them now that I've ordered from them and was so satisfied.

I have no affiliation with TLC whatsoever. It's just a place I found on my own and think its wonderful for us alopecia women.

Can't you talk to your supervisor about the possibility of wearing a pretty scarf?

All my best,


Hi Tovah!  Thank you for your support!  I will be sure to check out the site you mentioned.  I found a site called 4women.com which sells a brand called beau beau and also a site called headcovers.com .  (I too am not affiliated with any site, just found them via searches.)  Actually, just today, I happened to be in a dollar store of all places and found some long skinny scarves.  One had a colorful 60's 70's motif, so I did buy it, came home around noon, tied it on just on a whim and have been wearing if comfortably all afternoon.

Since I'm not too sure if I'm going to like it 'all day', I will probably just wear them on my days off to start ... I'm thinking maybe for two months.  During that time, I guess I will try and gather courage to approach either my union shop steward or human resources, to see if there's going to be a problem should I decide that I would want to wear while working.  I can kind of already tell that if I am told no and cannot wear them; I am going to be upset.  

Thanks again!  Best wishes and I'd love to keep in touch!



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