I have been experiencing slow but steady hair loss since September of 2018. It started in my temples, then thinned out all over my head, before widening at my main part and creating an "M" shape in my hairline. My hair is very thin right now, unless freshly washed, then it seems a bit thicker and I can puff it up some. I used to have very thick and long hair, and just recently I cut it super short into a nice pixie cut (that I was super happy with at first). I was hoping to lessen the fallout or make it seem less noticeable, but it did not seem to help. I am only 23 and I have to cover up bald spots on my head by flipping my hair around a curtain way. Looking in the mirror always makes me feel horrible, as I feel that I look like some kind of alien. My body does not feel my own anymore; it is like it is fighting me.

My Alopecia was just confirmed about two months ago and as of right now I am taking medication/vitamins while using special shampoo to try and help. So far, I see no results and it is making me even more depressed, especially since my hairline is bad, practically having a full bald spot on the front of my head where the hair is super thin.

I really need some help coming to terms with my hair loss, and I hope this place can help me move forward. My hair has always been precious to me; one of the only things that I truly liked about myself. Now it is being taken from me. My body won't listen to me and I don't know what to do.

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Hello, The first thing is to contact the organization called the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. They have a good website and a host of information so that you may learn as much as possible about this condition. They have newsletters and conferences that help thousands of people try to cope. As the mother of a daughter with AU I made it my mission to learn everything I could about AU and  about wigs since she decided that she wanted to wear them. My daughter lost her hair while in college as the age of 22. This was so hard to watch but she has been my hero and it has not stopped her from finishing college, finding the career that she loves and getting married last month. She is my hero. This website can be very helpful as well as becoming a member of NAAF. I am a phone support person and you can contact me or any of the other phone support people that are approved through NAAF. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you. You will get through this but it will be a journey. Regards, ALO-MOM.  

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Hi Kismet!

I know hair loss is bad and seeing them fall everyday makes it worse. Medications and hair products don’t work for everyone and sometimes it's better to switch to a totally different alternative. I think you should go for a wig. There are medical wigs available ut there at great prices. They look undetectable too. Your hair that are lost won’t return, but why to sacrifice your confidence and personality because of hairloss. You must try a wig and see the difference yourself. Lordhair is a trusted wig manufacturer and suppliers which ships their wigs and hair systems globally. They are known for their quality.

I hope it was helpful!

I feel your sorrow and disappointment.  I felt the same way when my Alopecia first started. And I'm not going to lie there are days where I just get so frustrated about it. ( Like why did this happen to me?) I've had Alopecia for a few years now and over time it gets easier. I was 24 when mine began. You are not alone.  And it helps if you have a supportive family and supportive friends that won't treat you any different over something as unimportant as the hair on your head.  I'll admit a few of my " friends" sort of made jokes about me and my hair loss, which I pretty much told them to either accept it or don't. True friends will. Hair doesn't define you as who you are.  It's a miniscule compared to all the great things in life.  If you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me. We're in this together.  I promise it does get easier after a while. Once you realize that it's only hair and it should not interfere with your life/ your goals, or any thing that comes with life.  I once had a full head of thick dark hair and now I only have about 70 percent of it or so. Which I get kenalog injections every couple of months that have really helped more than I thought they would. 

I'm very sorry that you are facing this problem. My sister also had this condition at an early age. Alopecia in women is caused by heredity. It is a consequence of a genetic disorder, which is characterized by increased sensitivity of the hair to the action of male sex hormones. Typically, female pattern baldness occurs during menopause, against the background of a sharp decrease of estrogen and weakening of its balancing effect compared to androgens. My sister was on medication and used olaplex 9. Hormonal medications help after 3-4 months of taking them.



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