So I went to the wig shop today. The saleslady said as soon as she saw me walk in the door, she thought, "Oh, no! She has a small head!" My sister got a big laugh out of that, because we always said I had a big head and she had a really small head. SHe said, "What would they say about my head?"

Anyway...apparently it is quite difficult to find a wig for a small head. I ended up buying one of those wigs without hair on the top that you have to wear with a hat. Since I still have hair, I just wanted to have a wig/hat as a back-up, and I didn't want to spend a lot. My daughter said I look like a teen-ager, because it's a long blonde wig with a bandana-style hat :)

So ... where do small-headed people go for wigs? Thanks!

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I have the same fo the first places I went to when I started looking for wigs said I could only wear children's wigs and they looked horrible! The first wig that I did buy was defintely too big but I made do with it for a while (it had adjustable tabs but it still never felt secure). After that, I got a wig with a "petite" cap that fit a lot better, and now I have found my solution in a custom made vacuum wig. There are options out there for us small headed folk, it can just take a little time to find them! Good luck!
I had the exact same problem. I found a really great wig salon. The women that owns it has styled wigs for 13 years. She basically cut the wig apart and sewed it back together so it was a custom fit. She took out some of the rows of hair so that it wasn't so poofy. And, it was really inexpensive. It was absolutely amazing. It gets pretty windy around me and I was never concerned about it blowing off or moving around. It was a perfect fit to my head. You might want to look into someone like that in your area.
There are organizations that grant wigs if you "qualify"..and like me I have a head smaller than my three year old grandaughter...and believe me she's so tiny and dainty.
A silicone prosthesis is a Magical Dream come true.
Although I have gone without bandannas and wigs since 1982.
I just received the new wig recently as my daughter found this company who has affiliates see the add on this site often.For Prosthesis it is scaned to fit every bump on your head.
So I should say, made to measure.
I could never wear wigs that are the run of the mill, as they are really for people with hair.
So try the company you see up here..............
Good Luck!



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