AA for 23 years. Not ready to go to immune suppressant therapy as I cancer in the family. Please help!

Hello everyone!!! 

First of all let me tell you how happy I am to be part of this forum!!

My name is Nicole and I have suffered from AA since I was 17 (I’m 40 now).

The first times only my hairdressers realized the patches on my scalp but after the birth of my triplets 10 years ago the AA became worse, almost leaving me bald. 

The patches are more frequent and bigger, I have to say that my stress level is very high too!

Two years ago I had a very severe Alopecia and I decided to shave my head. After PRP, corticosteroids and mesotheraphy my hair grew back thicker and healthier than before.

 Right now all the back of my head is gone and I’m starting to get the sides and front slowly. 
I completely cut sugar and gluten from my diet, PRP , corticosteroids and red light therapy.. but it’s only getting worse.

I’m here to ask help and to understand better how to deal with Alopecia. I’m not ready to go bald again as I have a very skinny face and I look kind of sick with short hair ( and Im really not good with wigs)!!!

Been to doctors and my blood results are good.. what should I do??

Thank you for this group, it means the world to me to be able to share and know about other people who suffer in silence !!


ps: I believe my two latest Alopecia were triggered by a virus ( Covid in 2021 and Influenza in 2023). But I can’t be sure of it

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The thing about Alopecia is no one is truly sure of what triggers it. No one knows how long it will last or if the hair will grow back, if it grows back how long before it falls out again.This condition is a journey that takes time, patience and support from friends and family. There is a new medication that has been approved by the FDA in the USA. It is call Litfulo. Perhaps a Dr. in Dubai might be able to prescribe it for you. Wishing you the comfort and acceptance. Michael J Fox once said, " Happiness comes in proportion to acceptance".



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