I’m looking for my first wig. I want a full wig that:

1. Looks natural
2. Has a good price
3. Is available online

I would like answers from people who have owned and used wigs. I can find several random sites on my own that sell wigs, but I want someone experienced with buying them.My friend suggestions a wig about lacewigsbuy.com.Where do you buy your wigs? Any other advice?

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Hi Shortblackwigs

When you first start learning and looking for wigs it can be a little overwhelming.  I would advise that you do a little more research into what your needs are before you go down this particular track.  There is nothing wrong with buying wigs online and I'm sure some lovely ladies will be on soon to help with their experience.  Just be aware that you really need to understand wigs and your needs so that you don't waste money or become disheartened with the whole process.

When I was first looking for a wig for my daughter I wrote a wishlist of what she and I wanted to achieve with her wig.  These are some of the things we wanted...realism, comfort, ease of care, durability, flexibility of styling (ponytails etc. were and continue to be important for my daughter and her hair) trustworthiness of the vendor.  I see that you have a list but maybe a little more detail would be worthwhile for you to really nut this out.  What does natural mean to you???  What is a good price for you??? Why is the ability to buy online important to you??

Good luck with everything and I wish you well with your choice for new hair.


Mine wig is around 2 year old and it still looks awesome. i bought from https://shop.wigsbuy.com/

HI Shortblackwigs

I would trust everything Rose marie has written in her post, it's questions I wish I had asked myself before purchasing (and spending TOO MUCH) on my first wig.


As for shopping online, if you live in North America, it's great because there's so many wig stores, you can go and try on the different styles and colours and brands to see how their fibres look and feel before purchasing one online. Here in Australia it's a bit more difficult as there's WAY less shops.


I'd suggest bringing and open mind and a friend to a shop and try some on, all different brands, shapes, colours, cap constructions etc so you get a sense as to what is out there, how they feel, and what you think might work for you and your lifestyle.


The only suggestion I do have and wish I had gone to earlier is that if you go the synthetic route, as I have. If you live somewhere that gets hot/humid or you have a sensitive scalp, then I'd get the disposeable liners. I have ones from 'headlineit'. They're made especially for lining wigs, they keep the sweat off the fibres so they prolong the life of your wig and make it super comfy. Wish someone had gotten me onto them sooner!


Once you find a style, cap construction, & colour that you like - shop around - a lot. There's almost always a sale on somewhere. If you can afford it, and want to stay with just one style of wig, get to of the same one. I didn't do this with my first wig, but have with everyone since.


That way if something ever 'happens' to my wig (like I melt it by stnading too close to the oven, or it gets gum in it etc!) then I know I have one on 'stand by' for me right away so there isn't the stress of 'what do I do tomorrow'. Also, when one is looking 'older' and I want to retire it, it becomes my 'weekend' wig so I just wear it if someone comes to the door on the weekends etc so the 'life' of my 'good' wig is longer.


I've said a LOT here, sorry, but all stuff I've learned in my 2 years since losing every hair on my body :)


Good luck & stay on this forum, it's really helpful -



I am on my second wig and I LOVE it!!! I have tried on a LOT at various salons and found the more "natural" ones to be very expensive...so my husband and I searched online and low and behold we found "namebrandwigs.com" (also known as "www.joshua24.com")! I am SO thankful that we did! I found (and loved) this amazing piece at a local salon which sold for $499.99 + tax....we found the SAME EXACT wig at this website for $169.99 (plus $7 shipping)!! The Brand is called "Dream USA" and this is a blurb about them that I found online: 

Dream USA Monofilament Wigs

"Originally Dream USA Wigs, owned by Aspen, were designed for chemotherapy and Alopecia patients but more and more people prefer this high quality line of synthetic wigs.  Since this collection of wigs has an all monofilament cap construction, it provides the most comfortable fit for clients.


The monofilament top is hand-tied on a see-through mesh which allows the scalp to be seen as it would appear naturally.  This natural-looking front doesn't show wefting which may be seen on machine-made wigs.  No matter what color your skin, these wigs will give the front and tops of the wigs a perfectly natural appearance."

My new wig is so lightweight and comfortable! I know when I need/want another wig I will definitely stick to this brand! Also, brandnamewigs.com had wonderful customer services and low/quick shipping!!

Hope this helps!

HI AlyB, I'm trying to get in touch wiht you and have sent a friend request. I'm looking for some feedback on the namebrandwigs site - it seems too good to be true so I'd love to hear from someone who's actually dealt with them!




Jon renau, you'll want a mono top smart lace

Hello  Short Black Wigs, I am the owner of Compassionate Creations Wig Design and I wanted to leave you a little information about purchasing wigs online. First, you need to decide on the type of quality that you would like. This will help determine your budget (the higher the quality, the higher the price). You also need to know your head measurements, materials that you are interested in and where you want the hair to originate from. You should also ask questions regarding how processed (if at all) the hair is. "Human Hair" doesn't always mean VIRGIN hair but big companies will trick you this way. You can find a ton of useful information as well as services that my company provides at www.compassionatecreationswigdesign.com   We also have "how to" videos on measuring, washing and cutting if needed. I hope this is helpful. Happy wig hunting!

Veronica Balch  

Owner- Compassionate Creations Wig Design

Really like this answer, there is a different criteria for each person and knowing the entire market can be very valuable. There is so much BS in this business, I don't understand how anyone can confidently buy online without many "mishaps" along the way. Almost no wig looks natural out of the box, and it takes an experienced stylist to know what can be done and what is not possible.

All of the recommendations I have seen on this forum are questionable in one way or another. Many people think that because they were successful, everyone will also be happy, yet this is not realistic. What works for one will not work for another. Find good professionals and work with them.

If you really want to buy some good wig, then I can suggest you can go look at some EOZY. Where I have bought their WIGS. I think their home wig though the picture may not have other people look good. But I think the quality is really quite good.

Hi shortblackwigs,

Just as Rose has said, the first try of wigs is a little overwhelming. kind of like a girl wants to buy her first high heels. If you want to look natural with a wig on your head, i suggest you choose a human hair wig with lace front or full lace. For the lace construction will fool people into the hair growing directly out of your scalp. with lace inside, u can part your hair to any direction. Consider Uniwigs, it is a good brand and a good online wigs store.

I have bought wigs on lacewigsbuy.com and i think they are very pricey you can try hairsisters.com and wig-parlor.com

Don't do it until you have tried some on.  When I needed to buy my first wig I was going to buy online but I'm so thankful I made the effort to go and try some on (5hr drive to nearest shop…).  They look much different on than what you imagine.  It's a pricey purchase and you want to be happy with it :)  Good luck!



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