Can someone please tell me how hard it really is to take care of a human hair wig? I also imagine that it takes more care for a cheap one than a good one. ?? But isn't hair "hair" ?? Why ever is hair for a blonde caucasian woman so so expensive? Black women can buy so many cute styles, all so very cheap. I go to the stores and see such pretty black girls all sporting such pretty "hair" and they must look at me, and think "poor woman, I would never be seen in public looking that kinda way".

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I think there is terrible confusion around caring for Human hair wigs. It really depends on the Human hair that is being used.

There are two types of Human Hair.

Processed Human Hair: You would find this hair in wigs that are reasonably cheap. It often has the cuticle removed (making it easier for the wig maker to work with - cuticle removal means the wig maker doesn't have to bother getting all the cuticles going in the same direction- sometimes this still leads to tangling, but the process of wigmaking for the wigmaker is quicker and more cost effective, so these type of wigs should be very reasonably priced). The hair was often very dark hair that has been processed to remove the cuticle and change the colour to more european/caucasion colours (blondes, light browns and reds). It fades quickly to very brassy reddish tones. It can be dull and lifeless and requires special care when washing and styling (as tangling is a common problem). Processed hair often arrives looking very pretty as it is more than likely been coated in silicone to make it look shiny and pretty, but after a few washes the silicone coating is removed leaving the hair and wig dull and a little lifeless. This hair is often very weakened by the processing done on it, which can lead to hair breakage. This type of hair is cost effective if you need a short term solution or are happy to replace your wig regularly. To me processed human hair always looks a little off and not as natural as I like. Processed hair is very available and there should be very little problem getting it in long lengths.

Unprocessed 100% virgin Human hair:As the description says this hair is human hair as it grows from human heads. It comes in as much variation and colours as the worlds population, with some colours and curl preferences being very rare. Wigmakers that use this type of hair must be very skilled and knowledgeable about how to work with it. If dealing with a reputable wigmaker you will find that this hair moves and looks like real growing hair(it's very natural). Depending on the cap type you choose to work with you should be able to wash and condition this hair as you would your own growing biological hair. It fades and will require maintainence especially in the light blondes and reds, but would take to colouring beautifully and really requires fairly minimal work from wearer to keep the hair looking beautiful. There will be limitations around what hair is available as it will be dependent on the worlds population. Blondes and Reds in longer lengths are the most difficult to source. For me this type of hair is worth the cost as it looks and behaves as growing hair does. It is expensive. If looked after it will last for many years.

Hope this helps. If you want to ask any other questions feel free to message me.


Thank you sooo much for the response. You really put the time into it and I appreciate it. HH is so expensive. I just want to know what I would really be getting myself into. Somebody will "sell" you anything, then it is your problem after that. Oh my goodness, your daughter's wigs are all absolutely breath takingly beautiful. They must cost more than a fortune each. Love the short really blonde ones. Love the color. Love all of them. I wish I could afford just one!!

I can highly recommend particularly if you've got mid to long hair. The wigs are made with real hair and they are very realistic.

I have only worn human and European hair wigs so I don't have anything to compare it to. However, my wigs are very easy to maintain. I use wig tape and take them off at the end of the day. I don't sleep or swim in the them. I usually wash them every few weeks (since I don't wear them 24/7, they don't need more than that, plus I wear a few different ones during the week). I let them air dry and then flat iron them and they hold up nicely. The hair quality looks very natural and most women can't believe that my hair isn't really my hair when I tell them. I hope this helps.


Emory, where did you get your wigs? How much were they? Check out Rose Marie's daughter's wigs....they are so beautiful. I had family in Stamford. Hoyt St. I am from CT but live in FL now. You are lucky. So close to "the city" where wigs shops are everywhere.

I actually get my wigs directly from a wig company based in Florida. Because of my profession (I am a cancer surgeon), I have an account with the company and get my wigs at cost. A European wig which would generally run 5000$ in NYC but I usually get it for 1000$. My human hair wigs cost me 500$ but when I ordered it through my hospital (before I had an account), they were marked up 3x and I paid 1500$ for the same thing.

I wish you lived in my state, Lexi. I would take you to a wonderful place outside of Harrisburg called The friend Roger would get you all fixed up with a nice blonde wig or two that you would like...and custom cut it to suit your facial features.

The WigWam....gotta love that name!!! 2 cute. Yes I guess your are right, African American women wear wigs and weaves, etc, because they WANT to. Even the ones who shave their head or have a fade, it is all good and fully excepted. White women are just plain catty and mean. Most have their own gorgeous locks. Not everyone does. They don't understand this.

Wow...$5000...that is scary. Right now I can cover up the thin, breaking places but there is no way I can afford $5000 when/if I need a wig. Is there a way for people who are not physicians to get an account and a price break? Can a dermatologist order it for you and get it at cost? Any advice? Thanks.

Hi Mary

There are a lot of components that go in to making wigs...which means they can be cheaper or more expensive. You need to work out what you want from a comfort, security, lifelike, durability etc. then work out what wig you want to start looking at. That's what I did and I came to a good decision with my daughter.

Also, remember some wigs can last many many years (if looked after well). So, sometimes a cheaper option is not as cost effective.


I have two virgin European human hair wigs and they're really not terribly difficult to care for. They weren't cheap, but they're gorgeous and people compliment me on my hair all the time without realizing it's not growing out of my head. :) Occasionally I have to send them away through the lady I bought them from so they can have more hair added, but if you're good to them they wear very well.

Washing them:
I wash a wig after wearing it for 3-4 weeks depending on what I've been doing. I soak it in the sink with shampoo for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly, soak with lots of conditioner for 45 minutes, rinse again, and then because I had curly hair I set my wigs in curlers.

You pay based on the length for the virgin human hair so it's not as expensive if you go shorter. Definitely find someone you trust if you're going to buy one because people WILL take advantage of you and charge you ridiculous prices.

I also have a few synthetic wigs that I don't wear very often, but they're definitely easier to take care of although they don't look as real. I'm not saying that no synthetic hair looks good though, just that the ones I happen to have aren't as good.

Good luck!

Do you have any advice on reputable places to buy wigs? I definitely would want a short style because that is how I wear my hair. Is it possible to have wigs that are really, really short which people can't tell are wigs? If so, how do you attach a really short wig? Right now my hair is cut very short around my face and above my ears. I like to wear funky, dangling earrings. I also swim and work out a lot. Thanks for any insights you can give me.



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