I was diagnosed with alopecia in October of 2016, where I found a large spot on the side of my head. In February, I found another on the back. I have been getting steroid injections and they are helping. But today I found another spot right on the bottom of my hairline, and it is visible with my hair in a ponytail. (I have to wear my hair up at work). I'm just wondering how long it took for everyone's hair to fall out, or if anyone's hair has completely grown back?

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My daughter lost all.of her hair from February to May 2015. 1 year later it started growing back. That was 1 year ago and she now has an almost full head of hair (some thin and patchy spots) she lost her eyebrows and lashes and everything. She was 3 years old. Everyone is different and we did no treatments. Good luck to you!!!
Had a single circle where hair fell out 17 yrs ago. It grew back with steroid treatment. No other episodes. Then, last mid November my hair started coming out by yhe handful behind my ears and at the nape. Loss area spread so much and so much had come out by the 1st of the year that I shaved my head. Another month and I had lost all the hair on my body.

No hair loss or regrow is typical as each person is individual.

Lost all my hair on my body within a month a few years back (full head of hair to nothing anywhere). No regrowth whatsoever and it's actually getting worse as now my nails are starting to flake and chip away too.



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