Hi, i have a friend who runs a salon and makes human hair wigs. She has three she wants to donate but would also like some publicity for her business. The better she does the more she'll be able to donate. If anyone knows of any organizations or charities that would be good to contact please let me know. Alot of people tell her to donate to Locks of Love, but they won't help her with any type of publicity.

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Why not donate to someone on here that has totally lost their hair and can't afford a human hair wig (like myself) due to other medical issues and the bills that come with it. As well as having the normal everyday expenses that come with children and life. Then that person can publish a post about your friend and the quality and post pics and stuff to let people know the work and craftsmanship she puts into the wigs first hand rather then putting them in the hands of a charity and not knowing who will get the wigs in the long run. This way she could have a one on one relationship with the person she offers it to and that person can go to her for their needs in the future.

Hi Becca,

That is an interesting suggestion. They are trying to go through a charity for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Having a link on a website would help improve search ratings. Marketing is getting so complicated these days!

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