Hi all, so I have a human hair wig that's 75% Euro hair I believe. I'm totally new to wigs so I had a couple questions for those who are more experienced:

  • How do I keep my wig straight after I straighten it? I think this hair has a natural "curl" to it so it often just goes back to the way it was a couple days after I straighten it. What's considered the best product to keep it straight, or am I just going to have to straighten it regularly with the iron?

  • How do wigs fall apart with use? I'd like to know what I should/shouldn't be doing to make it last as long as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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I just want to ask if it is hard to get used to wearing a wig? I haven"t went to a salon yet and have been just wearing bandannas or head scarves. I have scarring alopecia on my scalp in spots and had to shave my head. The rest of body hair is gone with my brows and lashes going now so that is a different issue! I guess I just want to know how it feels in the summer, etc. Do you really need to glue it in place?

My girlfriend started to lose hair at an early age. She now constantly wears a wig and even orders false eyelashes on the https://alleyelashes.com/tarte/. I am so glad that now is the era when you can solve all these problems! Be healthy!

Make sure you don't comb in to the permatease that will make them fall apart. Try the heat treat spray by Jon Renau to help keep the hair straight or super skinny serum by paul mitchell. Luckily since it's human hair you aren't as limited on your styling products. if your hair isn't really human hair you may have got a knock off and thats why it won't style. I always get mine from wigs.com. They have really good lace front wigs and human hair wigs and both together. I hope this helps!!

reply to katfish ;

It does take getting used to, there are so many kinds of wigs and everyone has their own preference. It took me years to find out what kind of wigs I actually like to wear and what works for me. I don't usually glue mine, just keep it snug. Others that wear lace front wigs and don't have bangs will usually glue it down. You can also just use two bits of tape at the temples - that's what I would usually do. 

In the summer it is hard for me, I am especially heat sensitive so summer is often my least favourite season. Full lace wigs made with stretchy mesh are going to be more comfortable in the heat, and human hair is going to be less hot than synthetic hair. Obviously a very thick, long wig is going to be less heat friendly as well.. 

I also have a really sensitive scalp so often I sew in a thin layer of cotton fabric around the top of the head to reduce itching and irritation. I find that often the wig can catch in the little hairs I still have left and the cotton fabric helps keep this from happening. I used to think that I shouldn't have to alter wigs and sew in things like that but I have come to accept that for me to comfortable I have to make these alterations in any wig I have. 

It also takes time to "break in" a wig. I don't think I've ever had a wig that looked great and felt great from the get go. You need to figure out how to style it, what products the hair likes. let the wig mold to your head, soften up, and learn to make the alterations you may need. It can be frustrating and discouraging at first but it just takes time, patience and trial and error. 

I really recommend virgin human hair wigs, with silk top for the most natural look. If you have any other questions about stuff like this i'm happy to help! 

Human hair wigs are better as they give you a natural flawless look without any hassle. 

For more information about wigs maintainance you can visit these site :D


will you try straight wigs? go there to check directly:


I once find human hair wigs, according to my research (thevenusface), you cannot just use flat irons to straighten the hair. My tip is to place it under the mattress and lie on it.

Use a leave-in conditioner or curl cream on your hair before brushing it out again. This will help prevent breakage and keep the curly hair shiny and soft.

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