The other day my husband's stupid friend that I already hated asked me in front of a bunch of people if I was wearing a wig because "my scalp looked tight". I wanted to crawl in a hole for all eternity. I lost it for the rest of the day. I have already been hating my wig that I spent almost two grand on and this really sent me over the edge because for that kind of money people shouldn't be able to tell, especially some typical slub like his friend. I am still learning how to see wigs in a positive light and this was a big set back considering I attempted suicide over my hair loss only four years ago. Now I am so paranoid that everyone can tell.

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Hi Serene,

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I understand how uncomfortable it can feel on a daily basis. You have no chance but to handle it exactly the way that you are. It is difficult for a lot of people and I cannot blame you for feeling that way at all. Most people will tell you it's only hair but I understand how you feel.I feel like a piece of me left when my hair fell out. I am trying to take my health to a new level, seeking the help of a therapist, and being as healthy as possible during this time. Hang in there. I know how uncomfortable it is. You will get through this difficult time, as will I, and we will look back on it at some point and realize how much stronger it made us. Best of luck with everything, you're not alone. Take care.

Dear Serene, i am also a wig wearer. I very much doubt that this silly man knew you were wearing a wig... He just made a comment and it happened by pure chance to be correct. He is the type of person that if you were wearing new makeup he would ask if you had a facelift.... If something looks good he just takes a pop at you. He just gets off putting orhers down if they look good, i truely believe that your wig looks natural, please try not to let this man make you lose faith in your new hair. If possible since he seems to be unpleasant all the time maybe you and your husband can stop socialising with him in future so you dont have to be in his presence. I am very sirry this happened to you. Do take care of yourself. Deb xx

He sounds like a real jerk and was just trying to get attention. I'm sure you looked beautiful and was taking some of the spotlight away from him and he couldn't deal with it. I don't know where some people get their nerve, but just hold your head high and wear that gorgeous wig! He probably wouldn't know if anyone was wearing a wig!


I don't think anyone likes to be outed when wearing a wig. It's sort of like a total loss of power around yourself which is upsetting. This guy does sound like a bit of a 'wally', but the reality is you can't really control him, just yourself and how you deal with all this.

You wear a wig and on the whole you like it...don't let this man or anyone else dictate to you who or how you should present yourself...that is your choice and your power. I would think it would be empowering to talk to this man with your boyfriends support and tell him what a jerky thing he did and that even though you know you wear a wig it is your choice to tell people when you feel comfortable... not for his amusement.

Good luck with everything and hang in there.


Hug! I'm so sorry.... I would have been mortified too.

Thank you everyone for your support , I am going to the hair salon next week and ask them to thin out the wig because it really is too thick and you can't even see a part so I am thinking that's what makes it wiggy looking.

Triple hugs.......that was horrible.....I've had my wig snatched off by an adult man who thought it was funny, so I can empathize with you.

Wow, what an idiot. Can't you tell your husband that you don't ever want to be around this man? I can't believe someone could be so careless to say something like that. Some people...

Really sorry (((hugs)))

I agree with Deb U.K. - your wig probably looked completely natural but he took a pot-shot at you because he's a total jerk and has no respect for people. Don't let his very wrong opinions get you down - consider the source! Remember, you are beautiful and you will get through this - don't lose faith and hope!

So sorry that you have to go through this, He sounds like a total jerk so don't give him any of your attention he doesn't deserve it. Sending you all my support :)

So sorry to hear about your awful experience. When I tried (for close to a year) to wear wigs, I was always paranoid and self conscious. I know the bald look isn't for everyone, but in all honesty, it was a huge relief for me when I started doing it. Now I really don't care and I'm comfortable this way. All the best.
My heart is feeling for you! This chap sounds like an arse (to be blunt), to say that to anyone in any circumstance is just rude and not normal behaviour. How dare he do that to you! You could get your husband to share your heartache with him, this would spare you from future situations and make him understand how you felt with the added bonus of him always behaving appropriately around you, he would know that you know he is a complete self indulgent ******!Does your husband want to remain friends with this man after his behaviour to his wife? Surround yourself with people that care about you as life is too short to waste on people who don't fit in with your life situation or life plan. Some people are just not worth your time or emotions! I bet you are lovely but it's obvious to the world that he's not.



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