I have just started CBD oil due to hypothyroidism (which I have had for 10 year and been on medication for just a long) and my resent hair loss (alopecia universalis, which happened 3 month ago).

Have anyone in here the same problems with thyroid and hairloss? and have anyone tried CBD oil at the same time either as taking Levothyroxin or replaced the Levothyroxin with CBD oil? And last question, has anyone with alopecia experienced hair growth after using CBD oil?

Kind regards


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Never heard of CBD oil.  I have taken Levothyroxin for years. My hair loss is due to stress and auto immune disorder.

Hi Pamela,

one of the side effect of Levothyroxin is hair loss, not for all and mabye heredity plays a role in Alopecia?.

However the Levonthyroxin - also consist of radio active substance- just like chemo and hence hair loos. When the body is exposed to even a small dosis of radio active substance as it is when taking Levonthyroxin, over several years it can in some people, also breaks down the immune system and hence promote hair loss.

CBD is cannabis oil, something I have not tried before and so do not know what to expect, which is why I also ask if anybody have any experiences with CBD?

CBD is now a legal natural alternativ to conventional medication in Denmark and also given by doctors for several illnesses and with some pretty good results- also a few for Thyroid issues, there still is not much research done in this area.

Hello Charlotte,

Interesting.  I will be seeing my doctor soon and will ask about that.  Thanks for your reply.

Curious to know where you found that Synthroid (levothyroxine) contains a radioactive substance.  I've been on it for 40 years now and never heard that.  It does have the side effect of hair loss, but not sure for that reason.  There are other more natural thyroid meds you can take - Armour Thyroid, Naturoid,  Cytomel (t-3) just to name a few, but they don't provide a consistant dosage. 

Haven't heard of taking CBD oil for thyroid issues, but have for other maladies.  There are many kinds / strains of CBD, so it would take some research to figure out what to take. 

Hi Charlotte

I have had Hashimoto's Thyroiditis for 3 years and been treated with Levothyroxin (Eltroxin) since. My Alopecia Universalis started this Spring and I lost all hair in just 3 months.

I tried CBD oil for a week only, but immediately experienced regrowth. However, I stopped using it, thinking that I wanted to see if "my system" would somehow figure out how to "go back to normal" by itself and I feared that using CBD oil would somehow mess up the progress.

I don't know much about Hashimoto's or Alopecia, and neither does my doctor (she just thinks that I need to see a psychiatrist and fix the "stress thing" and everything will be alright), so I am just researching by myself...

I assume you're from Denmark? - so am I. I have sent you a request if perhaps you want to talk further. :)

Best regards




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