I finally shaved my head. July 16. It was awesome. I cried most of the day - almost mourning my hair. We bought a camera, took pictures with my family, put the little bit of hair i had left in a pony and hubby shaved it!!! Very freeing! Shaving with a razor is kind of difficult, I have done A LOT of "nicking". So after 2 years of slowly losing 80% of my hair....it is done! Some family members still dont understand, but hoping someday they will.

One thing that is funny is my husband bought me a partial wig (?) - it has hair attached to a baseball hat My older kids said they are now used to me with no hair :)

Thanks for letting me share this. This had been so hard, as most everyone can empathize.


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Yea! Now you can see your true beauty. You have your spouse and kids supportand thats what is important, now that is unconditional love. My husband said he loves me with his heart not with his eyes. My kids kiss me on my bald head and that feels good. Watch Ali's keynote speech on youtube at the NAAF conference you will be inspired. Im headed to Houston to get my brows tattoed today. Im excited.
Itis hard! It gets better.

That is awesome! Thank you for your encouraging words! Praying today will.go smoothly for you! I would love to get my brows done! I miss brows and lashes most.
Tami :)

I agree..miss my eyelashes and eyebrows the MOST!  What do you use?

How did your eyebrows turn out?

Well done Tami. You are very brave. I can only imagine how tough that day must have been but I'm so pleased you had so much loving support. At the end of the day, we are not our hair & I'm learning that slowly through all the inspirational people on this site. My life with AA literally changed the day I found this site. Enjoy your freedom Tami!

I agree about this site! Just knowing others are out there is a comfort to me!

Actually the day was so freeing! I have been losing my hair for 18 months. It was very long.

Blessings to you Kim. You are brave too! ;-)

Congratulations on taking control Mom! I know it can be liberating. Now that it has been close to a month how do you feel?

Sorry for taking so long in getting back - we homeschool and it has been crazy.

Cheryl this has been the most liberating thing I think I have ever done. I feel "normal", which is so funny, because it is SO NOT normal, lol. No more sweeping up hair, breaking the vacuum, snaking the tub every time I washed my hair, or finding hair in food...yuk. I am thinking this is turning into universalis for me. I lost brows, lashes and 80-85% of my hair. My arm hair has fallen out, leg hair is even in spots.

One thing is that I do not like wigs. I never liked wearing things on my head. I bought a wig with baseball hat. I dont like it. My hair matches almost perfectly. I just dont like it, my husband said that it isnt me. I am so blessed. :-)

I am so grateful for the internet, and this site. Though I havent been able to browse as much as I like, just the very little I have has made me feel at home. If this had happened 20 yrs ago, without internet, I may not feel so confident!!

I had a woman at church be quite direct in telling me sort of snarky, "well *I* have never heard of that before. Why dont you wear a wig." I was confident enough to tell her what it is and why I dont. If confronted in this way several months ago, I would have bawled and not gone back to church. About a week after our conversation, she came up to me, excitedly to tell me that she met a man with Alopecia and was proud that she knew what it was. Funny how God uses us! :-)

Oh, and I shaved for the first time in the shower WITHOUT nicking myself yesterday, lol!!

Sorry for going on and on.
This is really turning out to be a blessing - not so much aesthetically, but spiritually.

oh, one more anecdote, then I promise I will stop rambling :)
One or two days after I shaved we got a really bad storm. Our gazebo (cheap thing at Target) blew onto the roof of our house. So in the mjddle of the storm, my husband and I went out to pull it off. In the middle of the pouring down rain, lightening and thunder and CrAzY wind I just stopped and stood still. My husband yelled, "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?!?" I said, "I have never felt the wind and rain with no hair. It isnt blowing in my face" He just shook his head...he has crew cut, so he was used to it. LOL! :-)

Congrats! I'm sure you feel so light and free! Your really lucky to have your husband and kids supporting you in this! Good luck with everything and all the best!

Thank you!!
Light - I am working on, free - ABSOLUTELY!!!

I know I am INCREDIBLY blessed. He and I have really been through some rough stuff in our almost 15 yrs, I can NOT imagine doing this without him!
Thank you so much Vanessa!

Congrats, Tami! Have a great weekend with the fam. :-)

Thank you Rhoda!! :-)
We went to the beach this past weekend too!



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