I went out in public without my wig.  

I was out riding my motorcycle and stopped in a busy tourist town and decided not to try to sneak my wig on as I took my helmet off!!  There were people everywhere and I realized that I would be seen doing that anyway .... so.... thanks to reading of the bravery of people on this site, I went for it.  I have Alopecia Totalis, so am totally bald.  I walked around town, I went into a coffee shop and got a latte and a cake and sat on the sidewalk watching everything going on, all while feeling amazingly comfortable in myself. I knew that no one there would know me and that helped a great deal.  

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Good for you Fiona! It takes a lot of courage. How did it make you feel?

It actually felt really good. Kind of freeing.  It was a busy tourist town so I guess they see all sorts of things, but no one even looked weirdly at me.  I went into a number of shops, tried a couple of tops on and chatted with the shop gals and it was as if there was nothing odd about me.  This was in Murphys CA, a town in the foothills, so I was pleasantly surprised at the reaction.  People on the street said "hi" a couple of times.  Absolutely a positive experience.

Way to go Fiona! It's so great to hear positive stories. Do you think this experience will make you feel more comfortable in your home town?

I have only tried it the once so far.  To do it where people know me is a bigger step.  I am thinking of "coming out" on Facebook first, but am gathering my courage first.

I did the same thing. Posted a pic of the new me explaining what it was. I did the same thing at work. It's very liberating.

Thanks Vicki.  How did you explain Alopecia?

Hi Fiona,

Thank you for sharing this. I had AU for about two years, and in the last two years it has grown back. But when I did I have AU, I wore a wig only for work and school...to maintain that normal feeling. However, any other time I went out I did not wear the wig. I felt kind of like a super hero living a double life :). But it was a very freeing experience that should be shared. There are plenty of people who might be too scared to ever do it! And I'm happy you had such an overwhelmingly positive experience!!

Thank you for sharing!


 I go dancing and when I first started wearing the wig I got such great compliments "what have you done with your hair it looks GREAT" sort of thing.  I was so low at the time that those reactions and all the compliments really helped me deal.  I have had Alopecia off and on for decades, starting when I was about 27.  But it has always only been the little spots that when treated with steroid injections grew back in.  It was last July that those regrowing spots suddenly u-turned on me and I ended up with no hair at all.  I guess I am now AU too.  No eyebrows or eye lashes etc.  So I am gearing myself up to come out on FB first so everyone knows, but I think I will still wear the wig when I go dancing.  I like that 'look'.  So far I have only gone 'topless' the one time, but it was such a positive experience, I am planning on doing it more.  Just getting there slowly!

Yaaas!! Kudos to you!

Fabulous, good for you Fiona! Thank you for posting and helping us all :)



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