One out of every 100 people world wide are dx with Celiac Disease. It is a autoimmune disease that effects the digestive system which in turns begins to suck down all the major organs . In most cases a gluten free diet is the remedy.

I was dx five years ago.

There has been connections between AA and CD made.

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yup, its true. Big time gluten free diet for me. It has helped me in many ways. It is important also that people understand that it is a long term commitment if you want to see results. Often it can take as long as three years before one sees a major improvement in there health.
So Kristin are you a Celiac also? Yes your so right you have to be gluten free forever and never never cheat. There are also many hidden glutens out there from to go containers to soaps toothpastes makeups, etc amazing just what they can do with wheat.

Take care
I am curoius if you have seen any hair growth in relation to your diet?
How long ago were you DX with CD? I was DX in 2003 and lived amoung thousands and thousands of wheat in Eastern Washington. Now I have moved to Walla Walla, which is better so I have been fighting to heal for a few years now. No in answer to your question I am losing more and more. But I have read successful stories from people who are doing much better hair wise with the diet. So time will tell for you as for me I don't think it will grow back it's been like this for over a year now with more falling out.
I see the doc on a regular basis and I am fine and healthy other then my throyid.

Well i dont have celiac disease but i joined because it sounded firmiliar. Well i dont know if anyone knows who kid rock is but one of his friends had celiac disease. His name was Joseph Callega and only stood 3 foot 9 inches tall. He took up to 60 pills a day and used an i.v. at night. He was always in alot of pain. Sadly in 2000 he passed away in his sleep in his home in Taylor Michigan at the age of 26. :(-AMBER
I've been on a gluten free diet since I've been 18, but for the past year I've been really good about not cheating on the diet. After the past year of not cheating (plus topical oil steroids) my eyebrows grew back. I used the steroids and diet each by themselves with no luck, but together they caused hair gowth. What's funny is that I haven't put ANY steroids on my head and I have 1/2 the hair back after 6 years with nothing. Interesting to say the least!
i am having a biopsy done in a few days to confirm whether or not I have it. I cannot gain wight and have to get a little less skinny. i hope it negative in aw way cause i LOVE wheat breat



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