Hi, I'm new and decided to join alopecia world for some helpful hints on how to handle my alopecia areata. I had been diagnosed with alopecia areata after I reluctantly went to the dermatologist about my large balding spot. The affected area is about the size of my hand, but is perfectly situated so that I can cover it up when my hair is carefully placed over it by ponytail or bun. Before all of this, I had beautiful long hair which I would always wear down. I think I want a wig, but am too stubborn and proud to justify getting one. I feel that my condition is not as severe as others and that I should suck it up. Unfortunately, I still feel, as a 20 year old college student, that I would love to feel beautiful again. I can't justify this want as a necessity and can't make the last step.

I guess I would just like to know how other women, who still have concealable patches, handle their growing bald spots? When is it okay to get a wig?

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Hi Ivan

I took a long time to get back to this... your opinion is so very valid. Hope you pop back every now and again to say hi.


I think that if you feel like you want to "feel beautiful again", which is completely valid, particularly as a young woman in a world that puts so much pressure on women to look beautiful, then you CAN justify the expense. It's hard as a student, especially if your parents can't help you out, but a great wig really can make a huge difference to how you interact with people. To my sorrow and anger, I found that everyone was constantly staring at my bald patchy head when I didn't wear my wig, and the fact that I could simply wear one and stop them staring whenever I felt like it was very liberating. Some days I felt like it was more liberating to go wigless. But it varied according to my mood and how I looked and how hot the day was! I say get a wig. You will probably wear it sometimes (at least) in everyday life. But even if you don't, you can always keep it and wear it to costume parties :-)

Hi and welcome to alopecia world! It sounds like you are able to conceal the large area of loss at this time, what I would suggest is going and looking at a salon that offers many options for you, many not only carry wigs but toppers and solutions for filling in this area, you did not say if you are actively losing hair or if this spot has grown recently. One thing I would tell you is that if you feel like the losing process has stopped this may be the worse it gets, this spot could fill in and it could be the end of AA for you, but I think it is a good idea to feel prepared for the unknown at this time. I had a pattern of AA called Ophiasis, which means I lost hair underneath so I was able for ten years to hide my AA, my AA progressed to the point where I had no choice, I buzzed off what little I had left and bought a good quality piece, it doesn't sound like your at that point right now, but it is smart of you to be proactive where AA is concerned, we have no control over this, but you can control how you chose to deal with it. I wish you the best in what ever you decide.



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