Another one of our members make the news!

Latina Sethman-Bentall shared that:

"Growing up, the alopecia made her feel like an outcast, somehow not socially acceptable. She had a hard time making friends. It made her the target of bullies at school in Hampton, who chased her and took her wig and stomped on it. Her peers thought she just liked to wear wigs. They called her "wiggy, wiggy," she says, her eyes tearing at the recollection. "I was humiliated." She remembers with deep gratitude fellow student Dina Marrow-Franklin who reached out to Latina in her junior year and showed her that "hair doesn't make you."

"She has had her struggles with self-esteem and depression and she still feels self-conscious. However, now 40, married, and with her youngest child a college sophomore, she has decided the time has come to reach out and help others. She also wants to raise public awareness of the condition, for which there is currently no cure or effective treatment."

All of these opportunities are great for us and for future alopecian! Thanks for your courage Latina!

You can read the full article here.

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Thanks you so much Mrs Cheryl for the acknowledgement there's no stopping me now,I want the world to no about our disease no more hiding behind the wigs and the close doors of ppl and children of trying to be accepted and,,,I want someone or somebody to help find a cure its to many children out here now effected by it and its time for me to a stand for them becuz as I'm living with Alopecia Universal for 40 years now and still no cure and not enough Awareness so in,, August 4 2012 , I will be doing my part by going bald in a public place for lunch becuz my journey must conutie please do your part in joining me doing the same making Alopecia Aware in world ,,and remember God Loves all of us no matter what or who we are he handcrafted each and everyone of us different for a reason to spread his word and let his ppl know how truly Good our Father is,,I Love everyone of Alopecians Family,,Tina

Hey Latina!
Thanks for sharing and your courage in promoting our evolved universal beauty...I'm working on a project and would love to interview you! Please visit: for more information. And in the meantime, carpe diem!!!!

Beautiful Photo - beautiful person. Good luck with the help you are giving others.




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