I swear every time i come here and listen to everything everyone is saying, i just want to shout IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! LET'S JUST ALL PICK A PLACE AND TIME AND GET TOGETHER AND STORM THE COMMUNITY (whichever one we're in). I want to see a hundred bald or balding people, heads uncovered, doing fun things (movies, amusement parks, giant picnic, etc). I want to see a thousand! I WANT TO SEE A "SEA" OF ALOPECIANS LIVING LIFE WITHOUT ANY THOUGHTS OF HAIR EVEN IF IT'S JUST ONE DAY!!!!! CAN'T YOU PICTURE IT???

(I realize we just celebrated International Alopecia Day. But i want people to come from afar and join together and be sooooooo visible that "hairy" people, lol, will just stare in stupefied awe with jaws dropped open at the sheer power of our unity and hairlessness!!!)

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Amen, I think this is what Mary who started International Alopecia Day, has in mind too.
Hi Nancy - Great bald heads think alike!

This is EXACTLY what I had in mind in early 2009 when I came up with the idea for the National Bald Out - a day when bald heads would pop out all over the country and world. ONE day when people who hadn't tried going "out" would just do it. You can see my original video on AW and on YouTube entitled "Announcing the National Bald Out", where I make the public call to take it off.

That annual event was renamed "International Alopecia Day" in 2010 by a vote of the National Bald Out Group here on AW. It's going to take place the first Saturday in August, and I think it's going to continue to grow.

I'm in the process of putting together my slide show/video of all of the photos from this year's IAD.

We just need more people to adopt the attitude you describe and take it to the streets. Let's start planning International Alopecia Day events for 2012 now and make it huge!

Please join the International Alopecia Day Group here on AW. I've also created an IAD page on Facebook.

I think you're an inspiration and I am really glad that you are on this site.
I agree Nancy. I think I would be much more bold to go out with my bald head if I had others like me to join in. I've tried to reach out to others here on AW in my area but nothing. Where do YOU live??? He he
I'm in San Diego, Michelle....it's a long way from where you are. If you're ever in San Diego, let me know and we can get together.
Michelle, i live in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Anywhere close to you?
Mary, i was actually thinking more along the lines of the Million Man March, or any of the other "Million" whatever marches. It's sort of impossible to totally ignore that many ppl of any type/cause all in one place. (picturing that SEA of heads in various degrees of hair loss...)
Exactly...My initial inspiration for the idea was The Great American Smoke Out, the annual event that started in around 1977. Smokers were encouraged to stop smoking for ONE day. I hoped (still hope) that people with hair loss who've never been OUT uncovered in public would try it for this ONE day - and maybe open up a new way, a new choice for themselves.

I'm finishing my video with photos from the 2011 IAD. There are many great photos, but we didn't have as much participation in as many locations/countries as I'd like. Maybe we can inspire more people to join in next year, and we'll see that sea of Alopecian heads!
Beautifully stated!!! The more we do it the easier it will be.
Thats so funny and so true! I find myself saying that ( it is what it is) alllll the time yet never about my alopecia (universalis for 13 yrs). I rarely go bald, only when i go to the beach or the pool and even then I usually wear my scarf or hat to hide from the sun mainly. So many hairy lol ppl tell me to go bald and im the only one holding myself back. I will be going bald more often from now on and saying it is what it is! Thanks Nancy



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