Do any of the men or women on this site have a problem dating others with alopecia?

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Hi! I was just casually going through posts, and I realized no one has commented yet, so I figured, I should :) I've never been in a relationship with a dude that has alopecia. But personally, I would not have a problem being in a relationship with a guy who has alopecia. Who am I to shame someone who suffers the same as I? It would be awful. If the dude was an asshole, negative, and had alopecia, then it's not even about alopecia, it's about his personality. I've thought about this question a few times before as well, and I can honestly say it wouldn't be a problem. 

So for me personally, I would ideally like to date someone who also has alopecia, kinda takes the need to explain things out of the picture! But I guess in the big picture it's really all about personality with or without hair. I find myself struggling to feel confident again because this is the 2nd time of losing my hair but there is a someone out there for everyone!

i would actually like to date someone with alopecia because i could actually be myself ya know. of course the woman would have to have the right personality. if shes a total u know what then alopecia, weight, looks etc. do not matter at all. but then u have to ask the question is she that way because of her alopecia? i think u would have to find that out first. i think it would be great to date someone with alopecia. 

Hey brother. I have never met a woman with alopecia in my life. I'm curious. Seems we would have a lot in common. But I definently would. I have spoke a to guy on here that's says he did meet a girl and she wasn't cool with dating a guy with it. Constant reminder was her excuse. I'll date any girl that I feel is attractive to me. I can care less Wat someone else thinks. My happiness means more to me then to judge a women on the way she looks to others. I'm a dancer and women love dancers. So I've dated a ton. Maybe too much. Three kids with 3 different women. I know I know. Wat I've learned dating sucks for most people. Sometimes I get more dates then friends without alopecia. It's hard for them as well. I still have hope I will find a women perfect for me. Life is hard to figure out. im a ass man personally :) so if she is cool and well grounded with a nice ass I would for sure date a women with alopecia:)the ass is a deal breaker but it would be nice:)

I'd prefer dating someone with alopecia but we're a rare breed of course.

I positive I would date someone with alopecia but like u said I have met a women with it. I like to judge character. If character is cool I'm in.

There has been a few couples that started dating here on AlopeciaWorld as well as I know someone that married a person with alopecia.

I have only met one other girl besides me who had alopecia but she has AA. I have AU and other guys just think I'm interesting but not enough to date me. Like Rach said "we're a rare breed". I have no problems with people who accept me with alopecia, but dating wise...not so much.

I'm proud to say that my biggest crush on a girl, is a girl with alopecia. Didn't have the courage to let her know back then, now she's with someone else. So, I guess I lost the chance in a life time.

Oh well...

my dear alopecia family out there, please please hold on strong onto your faith like how Christmas will always be here....that you are never never alone. 



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