So summer is approaching quickly. currently i were extensions and faux bangs but they can be a little hot in the summer weather, so i was thinking about getting a lace front wig. ALso i plan to go away wth some friends and i really dont want to worry about my hair. So i was wondering if anyone had any experiance with lace wigs in the summer. can you swim(not really underwater but get a little wet), and sleep with them? I plan on only using this occasionally, bc i do have some new growth i didnt want to damage( YAYYY!)

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I wear full lace wigs year round, I swim, sleep, showever, EVERYTHING. If you use a permanent type of adhesive they can stay on quite a long time.

I just got a wig from here: that I really love! I'm wearing it in my profile picture. My boyfriend was amazed when I got it attached. It has a thin skin perimiter- in his words "it looks like your god-given hair"

I use SuperTape from from - This will hold you wig for a couple weeks at a time if you want.
Hi Doll,

I had a full lace wig last summer and I do not recommend it. They get very itchy/sweaty underneath, and because they are usually taped on, you can't just pull it off and wipe down the sweat when you feel like it. You cannot sleep in them, either or go underwater with them. I have a Freedom wig now and it is a million times better!




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