I think my alopecia areata is turning into total hair loss. my eye brows are losing hair and now my eye lashes. What do you all recommend with this problem??? I want the most natural looking eye brows and eye lashes. I am used to wearing wigs, but now my eye brows and lashes of which I love so much. Any helps on brands, stores, etc.

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try www.headcovers.com I like what they have I use their cream eyebrow pencil but they have realistic ones too and they have the eyelashes.....but to tell you the truth I'm thinking about tattooing my eyebrows and eyeliner on mine have been gone for 4 yrs now and worrying about drawing my eyebrows on all the time is starting to suck.. I don't have eyelashes but because I use black eyeliner no one really can tell.. good luck

The action of causing slight injury to the skin (tattoo) often encourages hair growth so getting your eyebrows tattooed and eyelash enhancement which is a very thin line of tattoo can both save your existing hair in those areas and give a very attractive solution for the hair already lost. I advise you have tattoos ASAP but of course do your research and choose someone that works to a very high standard.

Losing eyebrow and eyelashes due to alopecia areata you can consult hair transplant surgeon provide better suggestion control eyebrow and lashes.

Hi  reesespieces5678,

I live in Algeria, I can't buy those eye brows (too far from where I'm to get them) but I recommand you to try  www.beauti-full-brows.com, for me I tattoued my eyebrows, and every day I use a black eye liner, I dont put eyelashes.

Good luck.

I have had AU for a long time and have always used eye pencil to make eyebrows and you can get long lasting ones that are waterproof now. I also used eye pencil for eyeliner and then other make up - again there is long lasting eye make up now.
3 days ago I got my brows tattooed - and I was afraid to do this but finally took the plunge. I was lucky to find a very gifted practician - right now it takes a bit of getting used to and feels a bit strange ' but I have such a good feeling about it and it will be a relief not to have to think about eyebrows disappearing ,and to go swimming and not worry.
I suggest you just explore and see what you find in terms of make up. I have had an allergy to the pigment in brown make up at times that has affected my eyes so I have had to change to black .

Wish you all the best ,

Hi reesespieces,

I use two fairly waterproof pencils for my brows and it looks very natural.  I have darker hair so I use black/brown pencil from Revlon called "Colorstay" along with a black pencil from the same line.  I draw in the brows using short strokes and then add some darker strokes with the black to add dimension.  Once done I "seal" them with a translucent face powder from Physicians Formula.  The powder gives the brows staying power.  It sounds complicated but I can get them done in about 2 minutes.

For the lashes I wear a dark eyeliner on the top lid for the days I don't want to wear my lashes.  (No one can tell) and when I do wear my lashes I wear Ardelle 108 from the store with a waterproof glue.  If done properly they can look completely realistic.

Losing the facial hair is tough.  I would take my brows and lashes back before my hair for sure but we alopecians are resilient and with practice can compensate with makeup so that nobody can guess we are devoid of hair.

Warm Wishes to you


Hi, I've had alopecia for 20+ years.   Losing my eyelashes and eyebrows was just as hard or even a bit harder than losing all of the hair on my head.   I used to draw on my eyebrows with pencil, and I also tried the Beauti-full-brows too.   I finally took the plunge and had my eyebrows permanently applied with tattoos.  They do look great but they fade and I've had them redone now three times over the last 5 years.   For my eyelashes, I use creamy eye liner pencil on my top lid - - I don't bother with lining below my eye.   Try Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner - it lasts for hours.  You can get it at Sephora stores or Sephora.com.  Since I wear glasses, I don't think anyone notices.    I love how I look with fake eyelashes, but I've never taken the time to learn the tricks to apply them.   Just takes practice....   

i have thesame problem i start to lose my hair .i lost my eyebrow years a go but i use pencil i used to now


I wonder if there are any men here that have had the eyebrows tatooed ?  i have areate and nearly universalis and was getting injections in the eyebrows for a couple of years every 6 weeks or so..problem is it has now stopped working and now i havent any eyebrows or eyelashes at all..i use a pencil to make a bit of shading but it takes forever to make it look sort of natural..so i wondered has anybody heard of eyebrow tattoes for men..and do they look any good ? i know the womens tattoos look very feminine  ..but it would look a bit strange on a man.


Sounds like you and I have similar conditions.  Other than on my head, I've lost almost all body hair and a lot of facial hair, including my brows.  I considered tattooing them but decided against it.  I think they may be good from far but far from good.  Up close, I'm just thinking they'll look bad.

I started using Latisse on my brows April 22, as directed.  I'm now getting some growth and can see eyebrows 5 weeks later.  I'm going to continue using it and am confident, based on what I've seen so far, that they will fill in.  It's not the cheapest thing in the world, but try latisse.md and you'll find the best prices for it.

I never thought of using latisse. Do you think that is helping or that your alopecia is just running it's course?? I'll look into that


It's definitely the Latisse.  I've been getting injections in my brows as well but have had no growth until I started using the Latisse.



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