Losing Hair? Check Your Teeth, Alopecia Tied To Dental Health

I found this article online - does anyone have any thoughts on this? I've booked a checkup appointment at my dentist just in case. I hope that I'm not wasting their time.

http://www.click2houston.com/health/14704332/detail.html (article copied below)

Losing Hair? Check Your Teeth

Alopecia Tied To Dental Health

People who have started to lose hair -- either on their scalp or on other body parts -- may need to visit a dentist, according to researchers in Granada.

Researchers there said that the bald patches, called alopecia areata or localized alopecia, are closely tied to infections of the teeth.

"We have found that bald patches caused by tooth infection are not always in the same place. They normally appear on a line projected from the dental infection and can thus can be located on the face at the level of the maxillary teeth, above a line through the lip-angle to the scalp, beard, or even to the eyebrow. Nevertheless, they can also be located far from infection outbreak," authors Gil Montoya and Cutando Soriano said in a news release.

They said alopecia typically appears as one or more round bald patches on the scalp, in the beard or in the eyebrows. Some people lose their eyelashes. Usually, the hair regrows in a few months, though there can be relapses.

Alopecia is thought to affect 1 in 1,000 people.

The researchers said some cases of alopecia may be auto-immune problems, meaning the body attacks hair follicles as if they were invaders.

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This is a very primitive theory proposed by few scientists around 50 yrs back. All further researches disproved this theory. It is irrelevant now a days.
Thanks for your feedback. This article was published in 2007 so it's frustrating that such out of date research has been re-posted.

I'm a bit disappointed as I was "hoping" this could be the cause of my hairloss as I've always had very weak teeth and have a lot of fillings, some so large that I always wondered how the dentist could ever tell if there was any further treatment needing to be done on those teeth. I'm going to keep my appointment with my dentist anyway as it can't do any harm to get it checked out.

I'm sure that you can appreciate that the thing about hairloss is that you cling to any kind of hope for a cure or finding the cause. Desperation is a word that comes to mind right now.
my last 8 years of alopecia experience have made me go through its numerous causes and treatments from different people. what i would say these are myths about alopecia prevailing in our society.

i have one story having some dental connection to alopecia/ patchy hair loss. when i had alopecia, few people told me its because, i must have kissed a bad girl. its very had to explain what they meant by bad girl but one thing they tried to convince me was that such girls have some germs in their mouth which are responsible for the hair fall and infection spreads through kiss or oral contact.

it seems funny to hear all this, but being a biochemist i would say that nothing is well established about alopecia so far and every report is on their hypothetical stages. this dental connection is one of them. there are numerous aspects of alopecia that includes genetic, environmental, nutritional, psychological,sociological and many other internal biological factors and about them researchers are still collecting information at the moment. the information generated so far is not well enough to establish a fact.

the FUTURE OF ALOPECIA CURE IS totally dependent on its BIOCHEMISTRY. the day we are able to elucidate its biochemistry we will GET ITS CURE.

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