Hi I have had eczema most of my life, off and on, when I was a kid I had it on my feet that cleared up and never have I had it here again, as a teen I had it on the lower part of my arms, like where water would drip if doing dishes, that cleared up, after my first son was born I got it on my hands, now thats been the spot of choice for about 30 years, it gets better at times, and worse at others, I have noticed a few areas on my lower legs now, I use a steroid cream to clear it up. I believe I had a bout of AA when I was about 2, it must have grown back fast, as no baby pics show spots, I never had a prob. again until after a surgery I had about 7-8 years ago. I know that they say there is a connection, I am most interested in those who say theirs cleared up when they got the AA, it sure sounds like a connection to me. But mine has not gone away, and the AA comes and goes, mostly comes right now anyway. I also have allergies, and mild asthma, which has worsened over these last few years for some reason, I wonder if that's related?? Wish the Dr and Scientists would figure this out for us.

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Christine I have had eczema since I was eight years old. It was at it alls time worse until I was in college and my future sister-in-law had me to try a topical steriod that she used for acne, and it cleared completely up. My eczema was basically a mental thing so I had to keep the cream within my possession. The minute my mind knew I was out of the cream it flared back up, BUT it was ironic to see you ask if the eczema went away when AA started because I have told everyone that mine did just that.

My eczema went completely away for eighteen months since it took that long for my hair to fall out, then it returned along with other skin problems once I was totally bald. I went from mild bald spots (alopecia aerata) to an entire bald head and loss of all hair (alopecia universalities). I missed the second stage which is alopecia totalitis. Very strange to me, but who knows why things happen. Last year I began seeing little hair spurts, but then it went away, but today I have had hair growth since February timeframe. My husband actually had to shave the pathy spots this Sunday, and Monday I had more hair on my head. I also have my elbrows coming in so I am truly excited since I always believed my hair would grow back. Hair has only been growing on my face and head. My face because I always had long side burns. That's my story.




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