Does anyone know if or where there are any alopecia support groups in Milwaukee WI? I went to one support group about 12 years ago. But I just tried to search for "Milwaukee alopecian's" and/or "MIlwaukee alopecia support groups" and I got nothing. Thanks

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Mark I see this is old but we have been active in the Milwaukee area for about 4 years now. We do fundraising and have set up a support group. If you get this please contact me. We would love to get you involved!

Hi thanks for the note. But my life is currently in a very bad way. Despite the fact that I have 2 college degrees, I have been out of work for 5 years as of Aug. My unemployment ran out years ago. I went through all of the $35,000 from the sale of my moms house after she passed away 3 years ago last April. I would be literally be broke and homeless or worse right now if my sister had not been helping me out financially over the past few weeks. She is all that is keeping me afloat and I don't know how long she will be able to do it. I'm 57, S, never married, & I have no pension, 401 k, other savings or anything. Due to going back to college late in life at age 33, and not being able to find any kind of a well paying job after my last, before getting downized, I also owe 83,000.00 (my total worth is approx 400.00) in unpaid student loans fixed at about 9% interest. That is in forbearance for about another year. I have no car and I cannot afford one until I am working. I have been seeing a shrink over the last 3-4 years and I am on anti-axietls and anti-depressents to keep me from feeling any more hopeless and depressed. Thanks for the response.
If your support group is any where near me I might be able to attend. I live on the east side of MIlwaukee 2545 N Cramer St. Apt 102 53211 But I really only can afford to spend my days either working out at the downtown Y to work off steam, or taking the bus downtown to look for work every day here at the Milwaukee library. That takes up about all my time. Thanks again.
Mark S Hansen



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