The first time I got Alopecia was when I was 21 years old. I lost the entire lower portion of my hair and eventually had to shave my entire head. I was completely overwhelmed, stressed, embarrassed and did not even know what Alopecia was! Once researching Alopecia and finding out what it was, I went to a dermatologist and as a treatment they gave me steroid injections in my scalp. The injections did not help, and it seemed like nothing was going to work. I wore wigs to hide my shaved head and to hide my embarrassment. Finally, after almost 2 years my hair slowly started to grow back fully. I had all my hair for about 6 years until I lost the entire top portion of my hair and eventually had to shave my head again. This time I decided to embrace my shaved head and even started an Alopecia Support Group to help support others with this immune disease. I did not wear wigs; I rocked a shaved head in public and was eager to explain my Alopecia to people who were unaware of what it was. After about a year and a half my hair slowly started to fully grow back. I had all my hair for the next 3 years until I lost my hair in patches all over my head and again had to eventually shave my head about 2 months ago. This third time through me for a loop. Rather than embracing my Alopecia as I did the second time, this third time has been rather difficult for me. I have a ton of mixed feelings and am constantly worried about the way other people see me. I cant figure out why I am feeling this way with myself after having such a positive experience with it my second time having it? Why could this be?

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Hello from a mom whose daughter has Alopecia Universalis. I am not a psychologist, but here are my thoughts. I believe that the growing and losing of your hair over time causes you to not totally accept it. It is like being on a roller coaster. My daughter lost her hair at 21 and it has not come back so in my mind she has learned to live with it, accept it and move on. Glad you joined a support group and I think that you need to find a good hair piece that you love to have as fall back. Being prepared either way may bring you some comfort and peace. I am a support group leader from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation in the Palm Springs area of California and you can always contact me to talk.



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