This has been a difficult couple of months.  After being sick of all the crying and feeling down all the time I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.  I've been seeing doctors, taking medications, vitamins and getting the injections in my head.  The dermatologist said she has never seen someones alopecia progress so quickly at my last appointment, and then proceeded to shoot me in my head about 30 times.  The first round of injections wasn't even half of that.  I was so discouraged because by now I wanted to see some progress in a more positive direction. 

The National Alopecia Foundation had sent me a free wig a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't even want it to come to that point, but when I put that wig on and left the house without my bandana for the first time in weeks, I felt great!!!  I thought man this is silly that a little bit of extra hair on my head could make me feel 100x better!!!  The more comfortable I got with this wig I knew that just maybe it wont be so bad.  I ordered my first two wigs and received them in the mail yesterday.  I absolutely love them!  One is long and straight, which is how i generally use to wear my hair, the other is long and curly.  I'm excited about all the different options I can have now.  I can be blonde, brunette or purple if I wanted and it only takes about 30 seconds to change it up!  Talk about low maintence!!  lol  This gave me the strength I needed to be able to just shave the rest of my hair and take control of this situation.  I am proud to say I did not shed one tear and feel so liberated and Alopecia can kiss my ass!!!  I am thankful for this site and all you brave beautiful people who have shared your stories and helped me gather my strength as well.  Wish you all the best in whatever course you decide to deal with your alopecia.

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Reading your post gave me a sense of peace. I am at the point now where I just want to shave it. But I want to find a nice, blonde wig before I do. I am also losing my eyebrows and lost over half of my lashes. Miss them so much. Grieving is the hardest part. I wish I could erase the memories of all the years I had hair so I wouldn't know any different. I wish the world was bald so we could all just love each other for what is truly on the inside. Where did you purchase your wigs? I'm so glad they made you feel better and that you took control over it. I keep saying "fuck Alopecia" Excuse the language.
I purchased mine thru their magazine was given to my stepmom at work by a lady who wears them. I hope they do well. Tomorrow will be a test for sure. I work in a kitchen so I can't wear my synthetic wigs or it could ruin them. I do have to wear a hat or hairnet ( well maybe not now) lol. So maybe I wont get so many stares, and oh well if I do, maybe I can educate some folks about this disease that effects only about 2% of the worlds population from what I've read. I've read so much tho and no one really has any answers, everyone's case is different. I would definetly love a fuck alopecia tshirt! Lol

Glad you're on a good path with your alopecia!

I wear Paula Young wigs, too.  My advice to you is buy more than one of the style you like.  I have seven of the style I like, and I wear them "in rotation", so they last longer.  Wearing them this way generally gives them a shelf life of about two years.  And since they are not uber-expensive, I don't mind.



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