Hey everyone, I just wanted to start the process by getting an initial post on here. 4-5yrs ago I lost all of my hair and I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis. All of you know what that means; no hair whatsoever. About 6months ago I began to experience “intentional” remission. Meaning, it wasn’t/isn’t by chance but by various factors that I clearly know and understand. My eyebrows and eyelashes are now back. My facial hair is starting to grow. 6 months ago, when I met my fiancé I had absolutely no hair and wore glasses to help “frame” my face. No more. To be continued! Not trying to leave you hanging but extremely busy, traveling the world  and just wanted to get the process going

Checkout my instsgram @arunbulchandani for pictures/updates in the mean time 



Attached is a picture taken today 1/17/2019 in Poland 

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What did you do to get "intentional" remission? 

That's awesome! What are you doing to achieve this?

Hey ! @arun B can you let us know whats helping? That’s great to hear whatever your doing is working!!!

Happens to me too, I was a bit alarmed like you. I first noticed this happening about 6 months ago, I've been growing my hair for 16 months now and can say there isn't any visible hair loss. It's just a lot more noticeable now it's longer :)

To help reduce the amount of hairs coming out, brush/comb it really gently and this will reduce the amount of hairs being pulled out. 

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