Hello everyone. I would just like to share my story. 13 years ago I discovered a bald patch on the top of my head whilst brushing my hair..It was irregular and quite large.. I went to my local GP and consequently to another Dr. for a second opinion. Both diagnosed my hair loss as Alopecia Areata. Basically both Doctors told me there was no cure except cortisone shots or to see a hair specialist. However when my mother saw it she said she knew of a cure, something very simple. She first saw people being treated with Alopecia Areata in Chios Greece in the late 1930s. I thought I would give it a try and it worked. I have also helped a few people with the same problem and it also worked for them. If anyone is willing to try it I would gladly share the home remedy:)

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I have just joined this site and was not sure how to use it..I have changed the settings so that people can post comments? Not sure lol

Hi yes, it is different..ok thank you I WILL try a blog. HOPEFULLY it will help some people:)

recently i have been using alpecin shampoo and it seems to have given me some regrowth its caffeine based and goes into the roots..has anybody else tried it.You have to leave it on for 2 minutes and within a few weeks you should see thicker hair and some new follicles coming through.I am still wearing a topper of course but when i shampoo my scalp i use the alpecin.I am feeling positive about reducing my hairloss.

Hello everyone. I would like to share my natural remedy for hair regrowth, for those suffering Alopecia Areata. My mother told me how to treat and it, as she witnessed people having it treated as a young girl in the late 1930's. It has worked for me:) I was diagnosed having it 13 years ago, by two independent doctors. Since then it has never reocurred. Also this home remedy has helped a few others.
It's a very simple method and you only need to do it once.
This might sound a little barbaric but here goes.
You will need the aid of another person to help you. Firstly tape the affected area down. Then with a small piece of sand paper rub it on the skin until it is red, but not to the point of bleeding. Then using one head of garlic finely crushed, place it onto the skin. It will sting like crazy. Leave it on the skin for half an hour and wash it off. Within 3 weeks you will notice fine hair will start to grow, sometimes it is light coloured. Gradually it will fill in and grow back. Good luck to you all, I hope those who choose to try it have great results:)


I have heard of this as well, but much like alot of treatments they can be old wives tales. do you know what it is about the garlic specifically that helps to have this effect? :)

its an old remedy that works, that's all l can truthfully say. For most AA sufferers the hair falls but the roots lay dormant. lt might be the combination of stimulating the skin surface then using the garlic to kill off whatever is causing it. Whatever the old Greeks of the 1930s knew of the disease they took it to the grave. l no longer have a problem with AA as my hair grew back within weeks. One person l passed it onto had a patch the size of an orange on the top of his head, and after this treatment all his hair grew back as well.


Thank you for your response! At this point might as well try it. One more question, does it only help with regrowing hair or does it seem to help with the ceasing of hair falling out? In your experience any how.

in my case it stopped it in its tracks. Hair that had dropped out regrew:) The good thing was that its easy cheap and once off.

if you have Rosemary that is also good for the hair and scalp. Boil the fresh rosemary cool the liquid and pour it over your washed hair. This wont help AA but it will remove the built up residue of soaps and leave it fresh and shiny, like a natural conditioner.

yes tape the hair down around the bald spot.

yes i agree this works the point is to get to the bottom of the skin since the fungus lives there eating the roots of the hair !!

if alopecia is caused due to fungus, i will prefer using antifungal shampoo like Nizoral



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