I’m a 35 year old male. No facial hair. Lost my eyelashes and one eyebrow. I have microbladed so that looks ok. I’d say I’ve lost 30% of the hair on my head. I can cover the large patches but it’s super annoying. I use keratin sprays to help when I need to look formal. But my haircut is longer than I want, really uneven, and especially requires me to have long end messy hair at the back where I’ve lost a whole lot. It’s a cross between hockey hair and a mullet. I have patches at the sides (around my ears) and all over the back of my head. Only the top of my head and the front are fairly full. 

Part of me thinks I should keep covering my hair because it’s possible. Then another part thinks I should bic it all off because that’s the direction things are going and because covering my hair is stressful and feels phony. 

I just can’t find any advice online about this. I can’t find pictures of guys who have done it (except pictures advertising scalp micropigmentation so obviously those pictures make the shaved head look pretty bad with all the patches).

Anyone here have any advice? Will it be too hard to maintain? Will it look even more abnormal than my current cut and occasionally visible patches? Am I likely to feel freedom or anxiety?

Thanks friends!

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It sounds like the time is nearing to shave it all.

However, only you can make that decision.

It's a tough one for sure.

Hey thanks man. 

I constantly read this site, the reddit group and the Facebook group and I just don’t find many men talking about this decision and its aftermath. Just looking for experience and perspective. Thank you for chiming in. 

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Wrong website...

If anyone is interested - I shaved it. I have mixed feelings about it. I think I can rock it. It’s way easier to manage than my old hair. My wife likes it. So I don’t have any deep regrets. And I actually like it slightly grown in more than totally clean shaven, even though I look a bit like a leopard. I’m gonna try to grow it out more and then try a fade with visible spots because I think I have enough hair up top. 

All that said, I do also miss my locks. 

Go with it!

Well at least you made a decision that is usually the toughest bit.  I was going shave my head a couple of days ago as I was wearing full wigs and didn't see the point.  I'm trying to go back to a topper now which seems to be working okay.  So unless you have the super close shave (like on your face) I'm guessing the hair loss patches are really noticeable?  I think I can get away with a topper for at least another 6 months and then I'll have to shave it and wear either a wig or sport the bald head and everyone would assume I've got cancer.  Have you ever tried a topper or a wig?  All the marketing is directed at women for hair pieces and I think the fellas get left out as there is a belief that all men are okay with shaving their head.  

Every decision you make in life is yours.

Every single one counts.

Make yours matter!

Live your best life!

Make your decision a massive one!

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