So. Many. Wigs.

That's the thought that's been stuck in my head recently.

Let me elaborate-- I was paying my credit card bill last month and found out that I spent several thousand dollars on wigs last month.  This didn't really surprise me-- we were going on a family vacation recently to the beach and staying with another family (no one in this family knew I wear a wig.)  So, in a vain attempt to convince the family that I didn't wear a wig and the mop of thick, stormy brunette hair sitting unglued atop my head was in fact my own hear, I bought four identical, very expensive human hair wigs and took them all with me.  One was for use on the beach, one by the house's pool, one for wearing around the house, and one to sleep in.  Storing them was tricky-- I brought four separate wig heads and placed them on the bathroom sink, keeping the door locked at all times.  Every time we transferred from one of the afforementioned locations to the other, I'd sneak back in the bathroom and switch wigs, then take time styling the wig I was putting on.  This system worked for the first few days, although I found that I was spending more and more time getting ready rather than interacting with others.  Plus, I was always paranoid about one of the children grabbing my long wig or it getting snagged on something, both of which would result in it slipping off my totally bald scalp.

We went to the beach one last time on the last day.  I always hated the beach as my wigs would get caked in sand, rendering the thousand-plus dollar human hair wig useless for wear after the trip.  But, alas, I willed myself to go, despite the heavy wind that day.

I was playing with my son when a gust of strong wind entered under my lace front and pulled, sliding my wig back on my scalp.  I quickly reached for my hairline in a desperate attempt to grab the wig, but it was too late-- the wind had snatched it and dragged it across the beach.

Not a fun day.

Do you guys and girls out there have any solutions to keeping wigs anchored?  Maybe cheaper alternatives than thousand-dollar human hair wigs?  I have yet to find any that look as realistic as these and emulate my style before I lost my hair, both of which are necessary.

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Have you ever tried wig caps?  What I do is wear a wig cap, and I have purchased stretch headbands the same color as my skin....and I wear them around my head, but pushed back somewhat, and then put my wig on, and it is nice and slipping or sliding.  Of course, this works well because my head is shaved every other day (except for a bit of hair at the nape -- I keep that in case my job wants to drug test me).

 after YEARS of trying hundreds of wigs, I believe I have finally found the best solution.  First, let me say I own two FREEDOM pieces which are the best in so many ways EXCEPT the price and the hot factor. So I just received and have been wearing my first human hair cuticle intact (**TANGLE FREE**) custom made wig for $840. I got 16 inches but had much of it cut off as it was too long. I was so so sure this wig was going to be too good to be true. I refused to get excited about it as I've been through SO MANY. But this one is wonderful! No itch, no hot, no tangles... I ordered it from a new company who makes the wigs in China. The manufacturer is in China; The lady you order from is in California. Her daughter has alopecia and she knows what we need and what makes a wig GOOD.

Call her! Lisa Dutra in California  Phone:   310 291 0729. 

she will share her email address and photos

As with many things, you get what you pay for. That doesn't mean that you won't like a cheap wig, but it's not a fair comparison to spend $20 on ebay vs. $500 on a brand name. If you've never worn a wig before, it may be worth buying a few cheap ones just to try it out. Then when you're ready, invest in something you'll feel great about wearing everyday. Or who knows, you may be one of those who are happy with a cheap wig!
You can find deals on ebay, but a lot of them are shipped from China and don't expect any customer service, not to mention returning it. There are plenty of other great sites, try for wigs ~ $100, and for cheap wigs under $20. Sometimes can find cute ,like stacked bob haircut ...or curly

Sounds like the wig cap might be a bit small for you

You should check out the wigs on the aliexpress website

They sell inexpensive wigs which are realistic and sell different cap sizes

If the wig keeps on slipping your better off getting a lace front wig which glue helps it stay in place.

Aliexpress sells lace front wigs for around 42 usd

Maybe at the beach you would be better off wearing a smart scarf?


I wear a folea wig usually everyday and it is definitely worth the investment. It's expensive but it lasts and I get my refurbished whenever it starts to look bad and it comes back looking brand new! I you follow the best care instructions it will last a long time and it never feels uncomfortable on my head! It's the best wig I've ever tried and the hair is incredible and works with anything. No tape, no glue, just a great gripper and you can custom the inside of the wig to how you want it.

Oh honey what an experience you had on your vacation .

I'm not going to mention cheaper alternatives as I have never had any luck with them lasting , looking natural and stating on .

But I can tell you a bit about my Gripper sport wig by Follea .

I have had the one 12 inch wig that I have worn everyday got over the past 3 years and I won't need to be replacing it any time soon as it's still in AMAZING condition,

I have worn it swimming, running even worn it when we have had close to gail force winds in New Zealand and it stays on without any glues . This wig has been a life Saver for me . It stays on because it has silicone strips on the base of the wig that grips on to your head and the hair quality is beautiful.

My only recommendation is instead of buying multiple expensive wigs , just get one Gripper sport or if you still have some hair left look at get the the gripper cool ,it's not as secure as the sport as it has less silicone but You will be able to wear it with some of your natural hair .
I bought my wig from Australia from a place called Transitions, the people their lovely but they have places all over the world were you can purchase them .
Sophie, do you mind sharing the price of your follies wig? Please? Thanks

Hi Rose going back I'm pretty sure i payed around $3900 Aussie dollars . By memory at that time  it was around  $500 cheaper than the Freedom wig in that size length for Australian dollar at that time.

There is no rep in my country to purchase Follea wigs so i have to purchase from transitions in Australia (I don't mind its completely worth the effort ) . but that was around 3ish or so yeas ago , I'm not sure what prices or even the Aussie dollar is like compared to our New Zealand dollar now ... I would be interested in finding out for when I'm ready for my next piece .

And I noticed Follea no longer has the price list on their web site which is a bit of a bummer. 

If you had not said your hair was a wig I would never have guessed. And I have GREAT wig radar. From many years of experience. One girl I met at an alopecia conference (NAAF) used two strips of carpet tape on her head; she could barely pull her wig off at night. Now that is some staying power!



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