I found a spot 4 months ago. About the size of a coin- flash forward to now, that things massive on the back of my head. I 've got another spot growing on the top of my head, and I just checked and there's another 7 more spots acoss my head, in various sizes. I kinda wish I could shave my head.
The dermatologist has told me he sees a few hairs growing back a few weeks back, but it's hard to stay positive. I keep finding hair on my hand whenever I touch it. He's put me on some topical cream, and said we'll just have to wait. But the spots are still growing even with this minor hair growth, and now I've found out about this exclamation hia thing that mimics hair gowith, so I've no idea. 

It's totally breaking my heart- I'm a primary school teacher and musician and I got a great support network, but it''s all I can think about. Everyone keeps telling me they can barely tell ( fortunate to have massive greek hair) but I've no idea what to do.
I quit smoking and am doing some research on AIP diet as some people have suggested benefits. Anyone here tried it/noticed any benefits? 

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I went on the Paleo diet, which is similar I believe. I’ve never looked into the AIP diet to see the differences. I had success, but it took around 8-10 months and still didn’t have regrowth in the original spots that it fell out. I recently started a new diet and have had success way faster and have regrowth in the spots that never grew before. Here is the link to my thread, you can see the difference from the original scalp shave to 10-14 months on the paleo diet. https://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/aa-for-3-4-years-partial... message me with any further questions. More and more pigment is coming back on my scalp now I’ll continue adding pictures to my thread. 

Please keep us posted with pictures. This is encouraging news, I have always thought autoimmune is somehow gut related and diet could very well get things back in order.

Do you also take probiotics?

Yes, I do. Daily I take probiotic, vitamin D, omega 3, L-Glutamine, B12, and a few other things. I truly believe that it is gut related as well. I have done numerous things in the last 2-4 years and the best success was with diet and changing the gut flora. 

Yes, now I do recall you saying you take probiotics. Shiff brand correct?

Yes, Schiff Digestive Advantage. I had to order from the states as they dont stock them anywhere I can find in Canada. 

Oh for real?

Nice one, well done dude. 

What do you mean? Seems like a sarcastic comment. Obviously what he is doing is working.

I don't think it is. Its really hard to judge context online.

Hi there,

would you be able to give us an idea on a standard meal plan on AIP, just an example of what you would normally eat.

Thank you 

I start 95% of my mornings with a green smoothie. It’s kale, romaine lettuce, lemon juice, 1/2 avocado, stevia, ice, water and I put some supplements as well in mine. The other 5% I have sorghum popcorn topped with scrambled eggs. Then I have a 1/4 cup of nuts. Walnuts, pistachios, or pecans. Lunch I have a salad spinach, arugula or Swiss chard with wild caught fish or grass fed and finished ground beef. 4 oz of it. Then I have another cup of nuts in the afternoon or an approved energy bar from the list I follow. Supper is almost identical to lunch just depends what salad or meat I feel like eating. 

Totally not! Apologies if that came across as sarcastic, genuinely meantmwell done as that's awesome :) 

Sorry, I interpreted your comment wrong. All is good.



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