My daughter is 6 years old and diagnosed with AA in Feb/2022. She presented with a few patches of hair loss and has progressed with a few smaller patches and now a receding hair line. However, she still has a relatively full head of hair. 

I am hoping for a bit of insight from anyone with children with similar symptoms. 

Some of my questions are...

-is there any pattern/predictability with this? Will she eventually lose all of her hair or is it possible to have hair loss in patches? Many stories I've read indicate full hair loss. 

-she is using Clobetasol ointment and trentoin and has some hair regrowth. Is this a good sign or false hope? 

-any do's/don't in terms of shampoo/conditioner products, using barrettes/bobby pins, etc.

Any input is much appreciated. 

Thank you, 


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Alopecia is a wait and see kind of situation. To answer your questions there is no predictability .It can be patchy and then fill in or it can continue to shed. I knew it was going to all fall out when I saw hair on the rest of my daughters body fall out. I truly believe the ointment and gels etc are useless. This is autoimmune and your body will attack the follicle when It wants to and that is an internal thing.

You just need to continue to support your child and talk to the school to be sure classmates and teachers understand this condition.

Thank you. Really appreciate your thoughts. 



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