Help!!! What are the best shavers to keep your head that smooth as glass shave? Just started shaving my head regularly and am having a bit of trouble keeping it smooth. Had quite a bit of hair to the sides and back and am finding it difficult to keep it smooth. Wearing Freedom Wig which requires a head free of hair. Someone please tell me the best way to get that smooth as silk head.

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I am here to help!!! (hopefully)
This is from my blog, and it might give you some tips...

Thanks so much! Love your positive attitude and your blog is awesome. I had been thinking of purchasing the headblade but had read some negative reviews on it so have been using a triple blade gillette. Thanks for the advice and keep in touch.

You're welcome! Awe, thank you so much!! I love the HeadBlade too. It was created by a man for those who shave their heads. I think it makes shaving your head a lot easier. You can get cut, so still be careful. I've gotten a few tiny cuts. I can see that some people might not like it, but I can't imagine using a regular razor. The more that you use it, the easier that it gets. You're welcome. You too!

I also learned about it from Thea at Bald Girls Do Lunch. I went straight to Walgreen's to purchase one right after the get together that I attended! Her head looked so nice & smooth that I had to try it myself.

I love the Headblade. I learned about it from Thea at Bald Girls Do Lunch when she got us together in California..she usually has a discount code for it.

Use her link link or code BGDL at

I have been using my husband's old electric shaver and it works but there may be something else that's better. I don't let mine get too long so it's easier to shave. I did let it grow for a few months to see what would happen but as you know, the freedom wig lifts easier when your head is not smooth. Darn it. I kinda liked having SOME hair. Is your hair white? Mine is! I just sent you another message asking who your hair rep was for your piece. Mine was Kim Karaz in Texas.

I did not like the headblade shaver. Sometimes it worked great and other times it did not. I love their other products though. (head shave, head shed, and the one to reduce ingrown hairs).
You should try different shavers and determine what is best for you. I have an electric shaver designed for bald heads. I like it but it takes too long to shave. I can shave with a razor in 3-5 minutes. I prefer a three blade or five blade razor. The four balde cuts my head. I guess it has to do with the shape. It is a learning process.

Mach 4 Razor and the shaving cream that comes with it awesome shave and smooth as silk

I've been rubbing baby oil on my head and letting it sit for about a half hour, and then using warm shave cream for sensitive skin and a four blade razor. Voila! I now get a nice shave, and no more cuts and gashes and blood gushing from my scalp.

Hi Cindy. :)

To keep it smooth, you have to pay attention to the direction of hair growth. Shaving against-the-grain or ATG is the best way to get it smooth, but especially if you're new to head shaving it can be quite irritating. Having a high quality shave soap/oil/gel can make a big difference here.

Shaving XTG, or across-the-grain, is my personal favorite method. It leaves my head nearly as smooth as ATG without the irritation. Since my neck is so sensitive, I generally do only one pass WTG and one XTG, but no ATG.

WTG, or with-the-grain is shaving in the direction of hair growth (generally this means shaving "down" from whatever area you're starting - down from the crown of the head to the forehead; down from the crown to the sides/ears; down from the crown to the neck). This produces the rough and velcro-like feeling and more of a shadow in areas where you have hair. It won't feel smooth.

Otherwise, shaving frequently (for me that would mean every 3 days after an ATG, 2 days after an XTG) will help you keep that smooth as a baby's bottom feel. You'll figure it out, hun. Takes some practice. Various razors and shaving soaps/gels produce wildly different results. I like a DE (double-edged) or Gillette Guard shave the best. I've been SO HAPPY with my Gillette Guard that I've stuck to it for a straight 6 months! Sometimes less blades = less irritation, which is reverse of what razor companies would like you to believe (so that you'll buy more expensive products).

Best of luck!


Thanks, Gutsy Girl. Taking your advice tomorrow!



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