I'm wondering what product people use to help keep your wig in place.  I used to be able to buy a product called Dermafix that I would sew into my wig, but unable to find it now.  I understand it has been discontinued. I have ordered other products that just don't work like the Dermafix. No bands, caps, adhesives work for me. I have alopecia universalis and it's impossible to keep a wig on without some type product sewn in the wig.  

Thanks, Linda J

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Linda J, if you are AU, a vacuum wig would be awesome. When I was AU, I started getting vacuum wigs from NewLife Hair. I could feel secure riding a motorcycle, swimming or anything. Since I started using Xeljanz, I've grown too much hair for the vacuum to work. However, I still order these wigs because they are so beautiful and well made. A representative uses a laser to measure your scalp so the fit is perfect. Now, I also need to find a way to keep my wig on because I still don't have enough hair to go without. Good luck, my friend. 


Thanks so much for your response. I have not heard of vacuum wigs. I will definitely check them out! Best of luck with your search as well. 

Take a look at the Jolie Chameleon wigs. They are for very active wig wearers. There are a reputable company. They advertise on this site. 



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