Soooo...since the onset of my AA, i've noticed a few things. Obviously, I'm losing my hair. One way I can tell that more sections are about to go is that I get this weird tingly feeling on my scalp, then it kind of goes numb and itchy, then the hair falls out. Right now, most of my scalp and eyebrows have this strange sensation. Eyebrows are thinning, hair is definitely a lot thinner, too. Big bald patches. Good times :)

But another thing I've noticed is that I'm starting to get these intensely itchy areas in places all over my body. You know that fine hair that grows on your face and pretty much everywhere else? It's not really visible but it's there? Yeah, i'm pretty sure I'm losing that too because when I touch those areas, it has that weird, numb but completely smooth feel - like the patches on my scalp. Does this mean my AA will eventually turn into AU? Has anyone else experienced this type of thing? I know alopecia is unpredictable, but does anyone know, once it starts happening on your body, what the chances of AA turning into full blown AU are? Is there like a half-assed version of AU where you only lose body hair in patches? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

This itching is driving me craaaazy! Aaaah!

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I guess what I wanted to know was, once you start losing patches on other areas of your body, does that mean it will eventually turn into AU?
And I don't know if numb is exactly the right word either. It's just a weird feeling. Tingly, yes. I don't know, kind of like when a body part falls asleep but before the pins and needles set in. It goes away once the hair falls out. Our bodies are some strange machines.

I am going thru the same thing! Just recently realized it on my arms...I too got that tingly itchy feel.

It's going everywhere! Since I posted this topic, I'm now missing about 50% of my leg hair, most of my arm hair and a lot of the little fine hairs on my back and shoulders. Same with all the tiny hairs in my ears. THAT part was awful. The insides of my ears itched like mad for about a week straight. I'm surprised I didn't end up with a punctured ear drum after all the q-tips I was using to scratch in there. Ha! The alopecia seems to have left my head hair alone for now, all my bald patches are regrowing white. I have a feeling it's only because my immune system is focusing on all the other above mentioned body parts and once those are done and void of hair, it will probably move back up to my head and take care of the rest of that. So, for now, I'm enjoying what I assume is a temporary regrowth spurt only on my head. Only time will tell.



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