Does anyone else have other symptoms that they didn't have before they started losing their hair?  Ever since I found my first patch of hair loss I have been having other things happen to me that I didn't have before, like dizziness, muscle pain, weakness, sore tongue ...   It seems that I am getting something new every few months.

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Could you be certain that those symptoms never showed up before ?

When we get struck with alopecia (while being otherwise healthy) we feel that's it's a sudden revelation of something going "wrong" with ourselves, then consequently we start paying more attention to our bodies.

But be also aware that as alopecia is thought to proceed following an autoimmune mechanism, it might be linked to other autoimmune conditions which can cover a very wide array of symptoms.

I totally agree with Schatten. You might benefit from going to see a dr. to make sure there isn't something else going on. 

Thanks for your replies.  I did go to the Doctor as each of the symptoms started and just like the hair loss, no answers.  All that ever showed up was low iron and B12.   If anyone is interested I found a BBC documentary about B12 deficiency   It shows a lady that lost all of her hair and with B12 injections it all grew back.  I am going back to the Doctor to have this tested again. 

I do have extreme dry eyes, they are so bad that alopecia pales in comparison. I've begun to have really bad muscle pain again, but had this many years before, it had mostly gone away but I think it's come back since starting to chew nicotine gum again which ironically I restarted because of stress. Other than that I'm pretty healthy.

Thanks for your reply Christine.  It's good that you don't have all of the other symptoms that I have.  It looks like maybe people on here don't.??  I have been doing a lot of research on B12 deficiency and joined a forum for that too and the people on there are just like me, they have the same neurological symptoms and some have the hair loss too.  My dr said B12 was the only thing I was deficient in when my hair began to fall out and I was just low in iron.  I have my iron up now so I have just recently asked my dr for B12 injections to see what happens.  Early days (2 weeks back on B12) but I can see some small regrowth.  If it works I will let you all know.  

I have to keep my head covered when I sleep or else I wake up with ear aches and a sore throat. It happens every time i don't sleep with a hat on no matter spring, summer, winter, or fall.

I do too Ashley, except in the really hot days of summer.  I also feel like my head is frozen sometimes too, it gives me a headache until I put a beanie on!  


Hi Debbie, it just makes me mad because some of my friends don't understand. They tell me if you didn't keep your head covered all the time your hair might grow back, or I'm suffocating my hair. Yeah I wish that was the problem!!

Hi Ashley. People who haven't gone through what we go through just cannot fully understand what it feels like.  We just need them to care and try to make us feel normal.  All of us on here know, like you do, that keeping your head covered or not will not make any difference to its growth.  I wish that was the problem too, if only it was that easy!  When I am at home though I don't wear anything on my head, just to give my head some fresh air.  Just try to stay positive, healthy and live your life as best you can.  Just remember that you are not alone. 

Hi Aimee, I used to get very bad abdominal pain but haven't had that happen for quite a while now.  Glad the medication is working for you.  


I think it is very important to rule out other auto immune conditions if you are having symptoms  that are concerning you.  For some people Alopecia and other Auto immune conditions cluster together. My daughter is one of those people.  She has AU, eczema, anaphylactic food allergies, and has recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  

I would recommend you talk to your doctor and see what is happening.

Good luck with everything and I hope you begin to feel better soon.




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