I am just curious on here as to just how many women go out in public bald and how does it feel?
I know I would be scared to death but I am wondering if I did this how do you over come it ?

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It has been so hot and humid here, and I am not use to wearing the hats, and have yet to wear a wig. I walked out once without the hat, as I actually forgot I didn't have it on....LOL Once I did that and neighbors saw me and started asking me if I was ok, that was all it took to become comfortable with being out in front of others. Now, I really don't care who sees me. I am actually surprized as it appears I have more people stare at me with the turbans/hats as if they are trying to see if I have hair or not....LOL I am happily married and it just shocks me how many men find a woman being bald are intrigued for some reason. They not only stare at you, they will smile, wink and even tell you how they find it sexy. The first time I heard it, I laughed and asked them if they were perverted, and they laughed with me saying no, they just find it very attracting for some reason. My husband met another alopecian in the Kroger store yesterday. He knew this, because she also had her head shaved and had a few patches on the back of her head. Once you take the step to just walk out with the head held high, you will find that it is easier than we think. Go for it. I have now met other alopecians that work with me and I had no clue, they feel better about their condition knowing there is another one right by their side. So it helps us all when we take this step.
the very first day i went out bald was at night down to the barn to see my horse. I knew that there was a high chance of no one there but if there happened to be, I kept my hat in my pocket. I would even go for walks in a less traffic area, still keeping my hat in my pocket incase someone drove by or walked by. I finally got comfortable enough that with someone quickly passing by I didnt feel the need to make a quick grab for my hat. Also I find driving a good place to go bald. Other cars are moving fast enough and the drivers dont have time to stop and stare AND big plus with you safe in your car, you dont get stopped with questions. You do get use to and more comfortable with being out bald.
I'd like to try it out but i'm scared shitless so know that living in a omplex eveyone will stare and for sure whisper!!
I plan on making a utube video for my area hre in Oshawa because no one knows about alopecia, feels like i'm the only one with it around here. when I mentioned alopecia in my grp no one had a clue what is was, it was amazing to see that and the therapist herself was curious as to what it was, it amazed me. Right now I find myself picking at my head creating cuts and little scabs its a bad habbit, I guess because it may be my nerves there is no hair there :( I'm hoping to stop that bad habbit can't make a utub until it goes away.
Don't worry I feel scared shitless too! I think when you are terrified that it just takes time before you are ready. I know I am at the point where I'm so sick of being hot (live in Georgia so its HOT) and feeling like I can't do everything that I want that I'm almost ready to go out bald. Eventually you will get there, it does help to do little excusions without a wig or covering though. I go bald at the hobby farm where I keep my horse and when I play tennis in my neighborhood, but I still haven't mustered the courage to go bald at my university (bad experiences in middle school). Good luck!
I have just started going out in public bald in the past two weeks! Let me tell you it is the most freeing feeling in the world! I have had alopecia for 35 years (I'm 44) and spent all of those years being ashamed, covering up, denying myself the pleasure of doing activities I love... all because I was horrified at the thought of someone seeing my baldness.

How did I finally get to this juncture? My Freedom Hair vacuum wig has been back in New Zealand for a "tune-up" and I have been wearing a much lower quality synthetic hair wig lately. It is itchy, hot and just plain horrible. It has been beastly hot here in the midwest too! My boyfriend and I just got new bikes and wanted to go riding. There was no way in hell I was going to wear that wig on a two-hour bike excursion in the blazing heat! I decided I was going to go for it and "out" myself. I took a baseball cap along (just in case I chickened out) but never even put it on! It was wonderful. Since that day we have taken several bike trips, played frisbee in the park, and even went swimming at the local public pool- all bald!!! Have people stared? Probably, but I don't care or even notice. If they feel uncomfortable seeing a bald woman that is their problem, not mine anymore. I have redeemed my sense of self-worth and beauty.

It took a long time to get to this point, and I have to thank this wonderful website for much of the confidence I have gained. We are beautiful women!! Look at the photos of us on this site! In fact, just today I had a consultation with a great tattoo artist here in Indianapolis. I have decided to get a tattoo of a Lotus flower on my head! The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming a hardship and becoming, or embracing, the beauty that lies within. That is perfect for me! Plus, if people want to stare at my bald head I figure I can really give them something to look at this way!!! ;)

Hi, Lisa-lynn!

This doesn't really count as going out in public bald, but today when I was out for my run, I took off my buff, then took off my hat...and just ran! Granted, I was a lone runner on a canal bank that is bordered on both sides by orchards...but I was outside without anything covering my head. And I loved it! The sun felt good on my head, and I was much cooler than having a buff & a hat on. When I started heading back to "civilization", I just put my hat back on and skipped the buff. It was a great run, and I can see myself doing this more often - just wearing a hat, or nothing at all while I run.

Is there someplace you could go bald where there aren't a lot of people around, just so you can see how it feels without all the anxiety of being in public?

Btw, I just wanted to add....There is no reason that you *have* to go out in public bald, if you don't want to! In my opinion, going out bald is not a measure of your self-acceptance. I've read your posts, both here & on wigsupport, and you have come an amazing way in a very short time in terms of accepting your alopecia.

Oh, and you always look great in your wigs, Lisa-lynn!




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