I've been having some random hair regrowth. I always had it in my mind once it's gone for so long less chance it's coming back. But I've found I've been obsessing over this regrowth. Although I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

But I have been wondering I should bother signing back up at a hospital to try some sort of treatment? Or just not get hopes up?

Anyone ever found anything at this stage to encourage it?

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I wish I could tell you yes. My hair grows back sometimes, but it's not for long. I've read it can depend on how long you've had AA if treatments will work. I tried, but now I just shave whatever grows back. You should try some treatments and see. Maybe it will work since you're seeing some progress and then you won't have any regrets :)

If you do try treatments just try and keep it in mind that it might not work or the hair might not stay long. I know that sounds really negative but I think it can be worse when you do get your hopes up. I've had full regrowth 3 times (not due to treatment, I have no idea why my hair grew back) and every time I got hopeful and it just made the fallout again worse each time. It's always worth giving treatment a try if you feel you want to because if not you'll always wonder what if. 



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