I was reading blogs on Alopecia World and came accross one about pitted nails so i started to look at mine and i noticed that one of my nails has little dents and it doesn't look as smooth as the others? i wonder does that mean that im going to have Alopecia? Let me just say that my daughter whose 7 years old developed alopecia about a year and a half ago and my granmother had it as well.

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My daughter has pits on most of her toenails and fingernails. I noticed them about a year before her AA developed and this was the detail that confirmed her diagnosis....I have read as much as I can on this, and there are some people who just have nail involvement and do not develop AA. I hope this is the case for you. Are your daughter's nails affected? My daughter's nails recently are improving--her derm said the pits can come and go.
I have pitts! lol

not sure the cause of mine as they could be linked to my alopecia or they can also be linked to my Psoriasis or so i was told by a beautition friend.

Also fungal infection, hardening of the arteries and vitamin deficiency can cause it.

Hope this helps!

thank you Erin and Tommy, My daughters nails are fine eventhough she has alopeica, you right Tommy it could be something else. Thank you for your replies
yeah i have 'dents' too, i always have and always wondered about it and didnt find out till just earlyer this year that its connected to AA, however unlike everything i have read they dont seem to coraspond with my alopicia so you may be effected with AA in just this small manor.



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