I just want to have a pony tail again. I have missed them ever since I lost my hair and have yet to find a good wig or way to have a higher pony tail, or a high bun.
Does anyone have tips on wig types that would work for a top bun or higher pony?
Or any tips on how to get my regular mono tops to work?

My main problem is that the sides slide up and the cap will show. Help!!
Thank you :)

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I pull my full lace wigs up into high pony tails/buns/updos for dancing, but it has not been easy to glue the back lace in such a manner that it will hold in a high pony. I've had to use several layers of strong bonding glue, like Invisibond, which tends to weaken the lace and knots. With the right baby hairs around the perimeter, a lot of strong bonding glue, and a whole lot of patience, you can do a very nice high pony with a lace wig.

Thanks! I wear lace wigs sometimes but have never used glue, only 2 sided tape on other types of wigs in the past. I will definitely try that. Is invisibond a glue you would recommend then? How do you get it off at the end of the day?
Thank you!

Invisibond is really strong and will last a few days, but it will hold up on the nape of the neck during physical exertion better than Mighty Tite. You will need a lace release agent (usually made of alcohol and citrus, in spray form....you spray it on to release the lace from your head).

If you are not going to perspire a lot and are looking for a decent daily application, you might try using your tape in conjunction with Got2Be Glued spiking glue along the perimeter to hold down the lace. That is what I normally use for daily applications. It's very mild on the skin, has good holding power, and washes out of the lace easily with water. Another option with a bit less holding power, but good enough under regular circumstances, is "It Stays" roll on adhesive.

Thank you so much for all the info. That really does help me. :) Thank you!!

Do you use Mighty Tite sometimes and does it do an ok job?


My daughter wears updo's, messy buns, high ponytails all the time. I'll see if I can put a couple of piccies here to show what can be achieved with a Freedom wig.

You don't need glue or tapes with this type of wig as it is very secure because of the material and fitting techniques used.

If I can help in any way let me know.


that top picture doesn't look like a wig at all!

Those are two of the Freedom Reps that both have alopecia. The one on the left is Leta Chung, the rep for Hong Kong and the one on the right is Martine Richards, the rep from Australia. These girls are stunning with or without their hair and the wigs are amazing...especially for wearing a ponytail.

that is amazing. I want a freedom wig so badly, I just need to save up (or get a loan haha)

Hi Erin, Like Lori says the lace wigs with glue are great! I use tape in the front and glue in back. I'm wearing a high bun right now and no one not even me can tell its a wig. I'm a figure skater and yesterday I was working on triple jumps and spin with a high bun and it stayed tight. I feel like I have my hair back! I'm so glad I found lace wigs because like you I love high ponytails. I heard not everyone likes the glue but I can't even tell I have a wig on. I haven't tried the Freedom wig but I have heard they are good too for ponytails like Rose Marie showed you. I really like my lace wig and the human hair wig I have is only $191! If you have any questions about the glue I use or anything message me. I also found a helpful YouTube video on how to put them on if you want me to send you it?

where did you purchase your lace wig? Is it custom?

I got it from http://www.xcsunnyhair.com/ its based in China with free shipping which is nice. They also will answer any questions you have over a online chat. Mine is kind of custom. I measured my head and picked the lace and hair color I wanted. It took an extra 20 days for the custom lace color and to have it made to your size. Since I like the one I have I just went ahead and order one more :)



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